Football v. Appledore

We played our first football fixtures of the year this Wednesday when we took our A and B Teams over to Appledore School.
We would have had a lot of fun whatever the results, although it was obviously great to get a couple of good wins under our belts. Goals from Josh (four), Adam (two), Danny (two) and Kai ensured the following results.

Appledore A   2 - 5   Bradworthy A
Appledore B   0 - 4   Bradworthy B

Class 3 - Bridge Mill

Class Three spent a fantastic morning at Bridge Mill.
They satrted off by feeding the ducks and then went to look at the sheep.
We learn't about their wool and how Rosie, their owner,
uses their fleeceto knit jumpers. We saw how she dyes the wool and spins it into a yarn. The dye she uses comes from different parts of a plant and makes all sorts of colours.
It was very interesting and we had a lovely time learning about wool.

Datmoor - Autumn 2012

The children in Year Six went up onto Dartmoor for the first time this year and as you can see from these two photos we had very mixed weather.
The walk was around 10 miles in length and took us to both the highest point on the moor, at High Willhays, and to the source of the River Taw, which we saw entering the Torridge, near the sea, last week.
This was a perfect start to our annual Year Six Dartmoor Challenge and also a good opportunity to study another aspect of local geography.

Class 3 - Alpaca Trip

Class Three have been down to the Alpaca farm near Ashwater.
We had a great time finding out about this South American animal which lives wild in the Andes.
Alpacas give really good wool.
We will be going over to Bridge Mill to find out about how wool is prepared and used in a couple of weeks time.

Tom's Midnight Garden

We had a fantastic time this afternoon (2nd October) when we were visited by a theatre company who performed "Tom's Midnight Garden".

Surf Club 2012

Our surf club is up and running again this term.
We're going down to Bude after school each Friday and as you can see from these photos we're already starting to get to our feet so we can properly ride the waves !!!


Our Macmillan Coffee Morning was a brilliant success.
Everyone paid £1 to come in non-uniform and we had a great time eating the cakes that we brought in and the gingerbread men that we made with Mrs Brown.
We raised £274 which is fantastic.

Following the Torridge

Year Six spent a whole day following the river Torridge this week.
We started in Torrington and then walked nine miles along the Tarka Trail, through Bideford, until finally reaching the estuary - where you can see us standing on Instow Beach.
Fortunately we then caught a couple of buses back to Torrington !!!

Reception at Lizzie's Larder

Our youngest, Reception Class, children have been out on their first ever school trip - in only their third week at school !!!
They went down to Lizzie's Larder at Blackberry Farm and had a fantastic time.

Class 1 Bridge Mill

Class 1 went to Bridge Mill in Bridgerule to see how wheat and other grain are ground into flour. We were the first school group to see the newly refurbished water mill in action. The children were complimented on their great listening skills and the weather was lovely!

The Green Ship

On Monday 24th September, Class 5 were lucky enough to be able to visit 'The Green Ship' at Rosemoor Gardens.  We spent a lovely day painting, sketching, planning our own green ship stories and describing the plants.  Once we are back in school tomorrow we will write a website report and add some of our beautiful paintings to the page for everyone to see!


We were very studious as we sketched and painted the ship!

After our packed lunch and some work in the education centre, Mr Sentance introduced us to some plants which would have been at home on the Green Ship!

Class 4 - Bridge Mill

Year 4 have been out pond dipping this week at The Bridge Mill. Our hosts Rosie and Alan were extremely knowledgeable about Mini beasts and their habitats.
The children found frogs, toads, dragonflies and a whole range of other mini beasts.
The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and came back to school ready to research
and write about their findings.

Sailing 2012

This half term every child in Year Six is getting a free two hour sailing lesson on the Tamar Lakes and these photos were taken when our first group went out.
At Bradworthy we are committed to giving our children the opportunity to take part in as many different activities as possible and sport is a big part of this.
We will be organising more lessons later in the year for children who want to learn to sail properly.

Northcott Climbing 2012

On Tuesday 18th September we took advantage of the "Indian Summer" and took some of our Year Six climbing group down to Northcott Mouth for the afternoon.
We spent our time "top-roping". Attempting, and climbing, a range of different routes graded from "Hard Severe" to "E2".
The routes included Sun, Sea, Sand, Dangerous Driver and the Culm Coast classic Kleptomania.

Bikeability 2012

Bikeability is all about learning to ride our bikes in a way that will keep us safe on the roads.
We are delighted that every child in Year Six has been able to benefit from two full days of training again this year and that it has been completely free for all of our children.
The training starts of on our playground and when we're ready we head off on to the roads.
On the second day we go off on a really long bike ride !!!

Northam Burrows

Class 2 took the sun to Northam Burrows today. We spent a glorious morning rockpooling at Westward Ho! with Ranger Mark, Ranger Ben and Ranger Doug. We caught prawns, crabs, mussels and blenny fish. After a picnic lunch by the Information Centre we spent the afternoon playing games and quizzes organised by the rangers. A great fun day.

Hartland Quay 2012

Year Six went out on their first trip of the new school year this week (11th September) and we had a great time down at Hartland Quay and Spekes Mill where we spent the day exploring local geography and history.
There'll be lots of reports on our Class page in a day or two.

Bradworthy Carnival 2012

Bradworthy Carnival 2012

On Saturday 25th August our school brass group took part in the celebrations

for Bradworthy Carnival.  We played in the square at the very beginning of the

festivities, to an enormous crowd!  Despite the wind doing its very best to knock our

music off of our stands we all had a wonderful time!   Later in the evening we were

followed by the YoungerTones, the school rock band, who were the opening act for the

headline band 'Coverd'.

We are very proud of all of the children who performed in these groups during the Carnival,

and we are looking forward to our next opportunities to perform for the people in the village.

At this point in the year we say a final goodbye to some of our year 6 perfomers - we would

like to thank them very much for all of their hard work, and hope that they continue in their

musical paths in their time at secondary school. 

Leaver's Assembly 2012

Leaver's Assembly 2012 took place on Thursday 19th July.

It was an emotional occasion and the perfect way in which to celebrate the Year Six children's achievements and to wish them the very best for the future as they prepare to start secondary education.

The attitude of this group of children to their work and everything else that school life has offered them has been a wonderful thing to be a part of.
It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to work with them and to be part of their development over the years and it is great to know that they are ready to move on and to continue their journey.
We are going to miss all of them a lot and we hope that they will remember their time at Bradworthy fondly.

The ocassion also provided us with an opportunity to say goodbye and good luck to Mike Furber who has been our Deputy for the last fourteen years.
Mike has played a huge role in our development over these years and our loss is certanily going to be Shebbear College's gain as he take over the headship of their Junior School.

Thank you to all of the parents who came along to share this important occasion with us.

The assembly provided us with the chance to make a number of different awards as these photos show - 

Academic Achievement: Charlotte and Linus.
Academic Effort: Mia and Oscar.

Sporting Achievement: Shannon and Adam.
Sporting Effort: Libby, Lucy and William.

Creativity: Bekkah and Jack.

The House Point Cup winners for 2010/11 were Magpie's with the cup being received by their Team Captains, Charlotte and William.

Merton 2012

Our football and netball teams took part in this year's Merton Rally in July.
We were runners up in both cup competitions with our football A-Team loosing 1 - 0 to Abbotsham School in extra time and our netball B-Team loosing their final.

Bradworthy's Got Talent 2012

Once again our annual summer talent show proved that Bradworthy does indeed have talent !!!
Twenty acts took to the stage and this years result was a close fought "rock music" event with Sam's drumming solo coming a close second to Shannon's and Linus' guitar / vocal duet.

Kayaking Club 2012

We take part in lots of watersports at school each year and this term we've been going down to Bude each week to go Kayaking.

Summer BBQ 2012

For the first time in three months it stopped raining and we were able to hold or annual BBQ - more or less as planned !
The high point over the evening was definitely the entertainment which was provided by our Brass Band and Rock Group (The Youngertones).
Everyone enjoyed the refreshments and bar and as well as stalls and games there were bouncy castles and sumo wrestling.
We are all really grateful to our PTA for their hard work organising all of the fun.

KS1 Summer Trip

"Classes Reception, 1 and 2 went on an outing to Atlantis Adventure Park in Bideford on July 5th. The children had tons of fun and were so exhausted, most of them fell asleep on the coach on the way back!"


Zoolab came to school last week with their creatures of amazing Olympic talents!

The children cheered on as Maisy the Giant African Millipede raced against Tracey the Madagascan hissing cockroach!!

Did you know?

African giant millipedes can grow 4 legs each time they shed their skin. They secrete a chlorine type liquid which monkeys use to rub over their bodies to get rid of fleas.

Corn Snakes shed their skin every 2 months and eat twice a week.

Female Chilean tarantula’s can live up to 15 yrs unlike the male who can live up to 3 years if they manage to escape after an encounter with a female.

Tarantulas flick venomous hairs from their body to protect themselves.

Cockroaches are the fasted insect on the planet. They have two brains, if they lose their head they can survive for one month.

The Giant African land snail can carry 7 x its own weight on its back! They have 10,000 teeth and like to eat bone to make their shell healthy and strong.

Olympic Torch

We were all very lucky to have Charlotte Broadhead bring her Olympic torch into school last week. Charlotte is a student at Bath University and is highly regarded in the field of sport, specialising in trampolining and youth sports development. She was nominated to carry the torch through Torquay as a result for her efforts.

Charlotte visited each class. We all had chance to hold the torch and ask her questions about the Olympics. Did you know?.... the torch is triangular in shape to represent the three times the Olympics has visited Britain !!

Did you know ?.....There are 8,000 holes in each torch to represent the 8,000 torch bearers.

North Wales 2012

Day Four Update

Its Thursday evening and we have once again found a wifi connection!  We've had a wonderful day climbing Snowdon, and there are currently some very tired faces currently having showers at the youth hostel!  (There are also some very cheeky faces trying avoid showers at the moment!!!)

Please scroll down the page for some photos of us enjoying our activities.  We are off to the cinema this evening, and then heading to Alton Towers tomorrow.  Traffic allowing we will see you all at school at 11:30pm - if we are going to be much later than this we will ring as usual. 

Day Three - Update!!!

It is Wednesday evening, and we have finally had some success in our bid to find a wifi connection!  Everyone has had another brilliant day (despite the weather) and we are looking forward to an evening of climbing or hill walking after dinner!

Hello from North Wales !!! Everyone is safe and well and we're all having a fantastic time despite the somewhat challenging weather.

We've spent the day climbing, kayaking, hill walking and canyoning and we're just about ready for some well earned hot drinks before we settle down for bed. Finding an internet connection is proving very difficult.
The internet cafe in Llanberis didn't have internet this evening - which makes it just a cafe I guess !
I'm typing this via a satellite link which is too slow for pictures.
We'll have another go at up-loading tomorrow. Feel free to leave messages and sorry about the lack of technology up here !!


Our first stop on Monday was at the Black Country Museum.   Here we were taken around by Victorian guides and shown the many different buildings which make up the ‘village’.  We learnt that all of the buildings in the museum have been moved from other sites and rebuilt to show a typical Victorian mining village.   After exploring lots of the buildings (and devouring our packed lunches!!) we were able to go on a tour of the Dudley Canals, where our guide showed us how canals were built into the tunnels and hills of the Dudley area as part of the mining industry.  We were also lucky enough to take a tour of a Victorian mine, and find out about how coal was mined and the different jobs within a mine itself.

Having left the Black Country Museum we headed across through North Wales to the hostel.   Everyone enjoyed the scenery as we worked our way up through the mountains and we were relieved to get to the hostel just in time for tea!   After a substantial (!!!) tea we were able to explore the hostel and get ourselves established in the games room – a very competitive Jenga tournament has started!

Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday we have been working in groups taking part in a range of activities.   These have included kayaking, canyoning and climbing.  Everyone has had lots of fun trying new activities, and our guides have been impressed with the attitude the children have demonstrated to their challenges!

This evening half of the group are heading to an enormous indoor climbing centre, while the other half are exploring in the hills behind the hostel.    Once we are back at the hostel it will be time to prepare for our ascent of Snowdon tomorrow and have another early night!

Everyone is in very high spirits, eating and sleeping incredibly well!  We will do our best to update again tomorrow – technology depending!

Please keep posting comments – we will do our best to get them to the children whenever connections allow.


London Residential 2012

Year Six London Residential - 2012
*** We're Safely Home after an exhusting - but Amazing Week !! ***

Day Five at Thorpe Park has been Up-Loaded.

On behalf of all of our staff I would like to say how very proud we are of the children who took part in this trip.
Their behaviour, attitude and the interest they showed towards everything that we did was never less than exceptional - even towards the end of a busy and tiring week - and they were a real credit to themselves.
The list of compliments that they received from the general public is far to long to list here !
As you can see from this page we had a brilliant time taking part in a huge range of amazing activities and having some great experiences, however the trip was also very demanding and exhausting - as anyone who has spent any length of time in London will appreciate - and the enthusiastic way that the children kept on going was a fantastic thing to be a part of.
I think we've all had an experience that we'll remember forever.

Day One

It's nearly midnight on day one and everyone is sleeping soundly!  We've had a brilliant action packed day, and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow's activities.

We started off our adventure at the London Eye, and enjoyed the panoramic views of London.  Our guides even helped us to find some of the attractions that we will be visiting through the week.

After this we walked through Whitehall and picked out some famous sights, before heading up to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. 

After our session at The National Gallery we headed on to the underground and made our way to the Youth Hostel.  
We enjoyed a large dinner, and then made our way to the cinema this evening.

The final order of business for the day was to celebrate Holly's birthday with presents and cakes!  We aren't sure if Holly will ever forgive us for singing happy birthday to her in a wide range of locations, but we all certainly had lots of fun helping her mark her 11th birthday!

Day Two

After a peaceful night we've had another busy day.
We've had a brilliant time at the science museum, at Westminster Abbey and on a river trip which took us down to Greenwich where we saw a show at the Royal Observatory in their planetarium.
We're about to head off ice skating but thought we ought to post a few photos first.
There'll be more later on this evening - probably much later !
Keep posting comments !!
It's 11.30pm and we're safely back in the Hostel having survived ice skating !
The children had plans to post comments when we got in tonight but tiredness got the better of them - we'll get them on tomorrow so check back in the morning.

Day Three

You're not going to be surprised to read that we've had another packed day.
We spent most of the morning at the Houses of Parliament where we were able to go in to both the Houses of Commons and Lords. When we'd finished our tour we met our MP Geoffery Cox in a Committee Room
and went down on to the MP's Terrace beside the Thames.
We then went on the Thames again to get to the Globe Theatre where we worked with one of their actors on Romeo and Juliet.
The afternoon day finished with a trip to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.
as you can see from the photos we're all very happy - if a bit weary.

We're up-dating this in a spare hour back at the Hostel before we head of to Victoria to see "Wicked".
Back late again and maybe another up-date much later !!!
It's about 11.30pm and we've just got back from "Wicked" - which was wicked !!!
Everyone one was fast asleep within about 45 seconds .........
......... so we're going to be fresh for another non-stop day tomorrow !!

Day Four

It’s nearly eleven o’clock and everyone is safely tucked up in bed after a very busy and exciting day!   We started off at the Tower of London, where the boys were thrilled by the tales of execution, escape and torture (and the girls were repulsed - well mostly !!).

After exploring the exhibits in the White Tower we enjoyed the chance to study the Crown Jewels which we decided not to steal after hearing what happened to the first person who tried.

After a very busy morning we headed to St Pauls Cathedral where we were lucky enough to have an ‘access all areas’ tour before climbing the many, many steps up to the top of the domes!

The Whispering Gallery really did work !!

After this we had a very hot trip on the Underground and a leisurely walk through Green Park, enjoyed a refreshing ice cream, and then stopped outside of Buckingham Palace.  The Queen was in, but she didn’t ask us in for tea – much to the children’s dismay and the staff’s surprise !!

Bowling was brilliant and for the first time in about five years Miss Daniel didn’t win – everyone was devastated for her !!

Day Five

As you can see it was a slightly dull end to the week when the children were forced to spend seven hours at Thorpe Park on the way home !!
Everyone was very brave and made the best of having to go on rides and eating at KFC, and the "all you can eat" buffet at Pizza Hut.
We were very impressed with the way that the children battled on until the park closed instead of bailing out early and getting back for the end of school.
By the time we got back at half past midnight the only people awake were the drivers !!!

Vintage Rally 2012

Our amazing brass band performed at the Vintage Rally on the Holsworthy Show Ground this weekend where they put on two wonderful shows.
Our PTA have given us over £2000 for instruments which the children are able to use. All of the children in the brass group have free lessons every week with our music teacher Mr Moulton and in addition to this Miss Daniel holds a weekly band rehearsal.
Music is a huge part of our work in school and this is why we use our funds to support it so heavily.
We are very proud of the children in our band and we're certain that everyone who hears them play will agree that every penny we invest in this project is money well spent.

Bideford Tag-Rugby

Our Rugby Teams had a fantastic day in Bideford this week when we took part in the annual Torridge Rugby Festival.

We played Appledore School in both the Plate and Cup Finals and we won both matches.

This means that we have retained the cup which we won last year and that we have been festival winners three times in the last four years.

Forest School

During this half term the children in class 2 are travelling to Lower Tamar Lake each Friday morning for Forest School. Under the instruction of the Forest School Teacher Louise, the children have been learning the important rules of forest school:, looking after themselves, looking after each other and looking after the woods.

In the first session the children learned about different birds native to the local area, Then they collected a variety of leaves, twigs, flowers etc and in small groups made some beautiful bird collages. After after a yummy hot chocolate and snack around the fire,they were then shown how to lash sticks together in order to make a frame which they attached their birds to using a cowslip knot.

In the second session we learned about where animals live, playing games to match the animal with their homes. We then went into the woods and worked in small groups to build our own dens..As you can see from the pictures each group worked hard together to make their dens individual, Some had doors, windows, beds, and floral decorations.

The children are all really excited to find out what we will be doing over the next 4 weeks.

Netball in the Rain !!!

Netball in the Rain !!!

Our Netball A and B teams took part in the Langree Reunites High Five Netball Tournament at Bideford College today - despite the awful weather!   We spent six hours playing in the competition, with the A team finishing 3rd in the Cup competition and the B team finishing joint 4th in the Plate.   The children all played remarkably well given the horrendous weather at times, and they have impressed everybody with their determination and fabulous attitude throughout the day!  Special thanks go to Di Old for running the B team throughout the day and keeping them organised in their first official tournament!

All of our spectators also deserve a special mention for cheering and encouraging all day long, even when soaked to the skin!  Fingers crossed for better weather for our next fixtures!

Our rather wet A team match against Shebbear College! Our B team waiting for the beginning of their match against Instow.
Cara sizing up the opposition! Lucy reaching for the ball - she got to it!!
Some of our B Team striking a 'sunny' pose! Charlotte found Libby was a wonderful shelter!
Big smiles from Ellie!! Needless to say, Wendy's umbrella was very popular!! If you look carefully Di is hidden amongst this group of children!

North Devon Tag - Rugby

Year six tag rugby teams faced a challenging tournament on Wednesday 13th June 2012 against a lot of schools roughly in the area.

We enjoyed a great 45 minute journey to Barnstaple for the big day. Half an hour after we arrived and trained with Ian our sports coach, we packed up our stuff set off to our first match. We set off to a wonderful start with excellent players of team B passing and scoring. Oscar passed a great ball to Bertie, Who raced down the line with a brave face and Shannon made too impossible for anyone tag her. The final,succeding score was 4-1.

In team A we started with a fabulous team,every one was scared,because the opposition showed tough expressions and teamwork . Although this happened we stormed in front of Great Torrington A and made them look angry. Callum took a risk and did a sharp turn and passed an extremely accurate throw to Will,who then raged with fear shot down the centre and scored a tri.

Both teams played exceptionally well and because of our hard efforts we came to the quater - finals and then became the teams who rounded to the semi - finals and unfornuately we got to golden - goal from a fantastic 4-4 down to a massive mistrake and we slipped to 5-4.

Luckily we still had our other game still going on and we kept our heads up and smiled,until yet another golden - goal,but unexpectedly a boy made us look another way a struggled round and scored a tri and unfortunately we ended up losing 6-5.

Despite the unfortunate loss of both final games we still made the most of our day and witnessed another tight match and then we marched with pride back to the mini bus to go back to school,so we could go home and rest for the evening.

By Ella-Rose and Frankie Members Of Class 6.

Thank you to sir, Ian and and all the children who played. We had the best time ever. Well done Bradworthy Primary Academy.SmileCool

Year Four Residential - 2012

Penzance Update - End of Day Three

The trip has now come to an end, and everyone is safely home.  We had a fabulous day at Cornwall Crealy yesterday, with lots of fun on adventure areas, play centres and the rides!  As you can see from the pictures below everyone finished the trip in incredibly high spirits.

Throughout the entire trip the children have been absolutely wonderful.  Their excellent attitude, nature and behaviour has been commented upon everywhere that we have been, and I have been particularly impressed with their 'get stuck in' approach to everything.    I would like to thank them for making the trip such an enormous success and making the past three days such fun!  They should be very proud of themselves - I know that everyone in school is incredibly proud of the way that they have approached the entire experience.  I would also like to thank Val Brown, Paul Moulton and Mike Furber for all of their hard work during the week making the trip run smoothly!   Hopefully everyone is now enjoying a relaxing weekend ready for the week ahead!

Everyone enjoyed celebrating Libby's birthday - especially when there was cake involved! Whether Libby will ever forgive Miss Daniel for making everyone sing in the middle of Crealy is another question!

Our very own 'Charlie's Angels'! The climbing wall was very popular - Simon would be proud!
The Beast was a very popular ride - with children and 'big children' too!
The Beast in full swing - not for the faint hearted! Joseph and Jaden rather enjoyed the water based rides!!
Before the drop ............ And after!!!

Penzance Update - Day Three

It's almost nine oclock and we are just finishing another enormous breakfast!  We are all packed and ready to go so we will be heading off to Crealy very soon!  Everyone slept really well, and Miss Daniel had to do several wake up calls this morning!

Most importantly - it's Libby's birthday today so the children and teachers have had lots of fun decorating the dining room and surprising her when she walked in with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday!!

We are all looking forward to a fun filled day at Crealy!  We will see everyone at school at 6pm this evening!!

Penzance Update - Day Two

It's now nearly half past eleven and everyone is asleep.  We hope you enjoy reading our postcards below!!

Hello everyone!


I am missing everyone including Bob even though he catches rabbits! Today I came second in the boat-race, and I loved ten pin bowling because they played “I’ve got the moves like Jagger”! I’m looking forward to Crealy and coming home, but don’t tell Dylan I got a present for him!


Love from Amelia x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Hi guys!


It’s nice to be speaking to you again.  I had a great hot and sweaty day at the Eden project.  Me and Phoebe had the best fun at Skullduggery.  Its such a shame me and Phoebe were on separate teams.


Missing you lots of love from Amelie x x x x x

Dear Mum, Dad, Emma, Lisette, Lee, fishes and Beth the Cat,


I’m missing you loads.  I’m having a great time.  My favourite thing was the Pirate Laser quest.  My room is brilliant and my roommates are Jas, Em, Lib, and Molly.


Love you,  Bye,  Cerys.      xxx

To Mum, Dad, Will and Rosie.


I’m having a lovely time.  My favourite thing was the laser quest.  I’m really looking forward to going to Crealy tomorrow.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


Love from, Emily xxx

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,


I am having a brilliant time.  Today we have done Laser Quest, it was amazing!  I shot Miss Daniel 3 times!!!

I’m really looking forward to Crealy tomorrow.


Love from Izaak

Hello Mum, Dad and Abby


I’ve had a nice day going to the castle, building boats at the National Maritime Museum and shooting each other with lazer guns.  We went to the Eden project. The rainforest dome was very hot and we went bowling and I got 75 points.  I’m looking forward to going to Crealy tomorrow.


Love Izzy x x x

Hi Mummy and Daddy,


Team Moulton rules!  I’ve only had one of the bags of crisps so Miss D is pleased because I have eaten loads of other stuff!  I had loads of fun at the Eden Project and our team won the laser quest!

I’ll see you tomorrow,


Love from Jack x



My favourite part was the ten pin bowling because there was very very very loud music and me and Phoebe won! But it isn’t just about winning, it’s about having fun.  I am looking forward to going to Crealy.


Love Jazzy x x

Dear Mum, Dad and Tegan,


I’m having a great time and laser quest was fab!

Missing you.


Lots of love,  Jas xxx

To Mum and Dad and Ella,


I’m having a really great time, the youth hostel is extraordinary.  My favourite part of the holiday was bowling – I got 93 points! Today I liked the Maritime Museum, because I got to go underground and see the fish in the sea.

I’ll see you tomorrow,


From Jaden x x x

Hi Mum and Dad,


I enjoyed when I went to the laser quest.  I was on the same team as Mr Furber but I still shot him.   I really liked the Eden Project yesterday too.

I cant wait to go to Crealy tomorrow!


Love from John xxxxxx

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,


I’m having a great time in Penzance.   The youth hostel is massive! My favourite bit was the Maritime Museum – I loved the search and rescue display.

I’ll see you tomorrow!


Lots of love, Jordie

To Mum and Dad,


I have had loads of fun at the Eden Project.  It was really cool because we got to see the statue of Mr Furber! Our team came first in the Laser Quest!  I’m really looking forward to Crealy!


Lots of love from Joe xx

Hi Everybody!


I’ve still got my tooth!  I had great fun at the Laser Shooting and Me and Theo kept hiding and shooting Jordan!  We had lots of fun building the boats at the museum.  Ours tipped over halfway through the race though!

See you tomorrow,


Love from Kai

To Mum and Dad,


I am having an excellent time in the Youth Hostel.  My favourite part was the laser shooting but our team came last!  The Maritime Museum was awesome!

I am looking forward to Crealy tomorrow.


Love from Lewis x x x x x x x x

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,


I’m having an awesome time at the Eden Project and at the Maritime Museum.  Guess what – Tom is going to be so jealous – we went to Laser Quest.  It was fun!

I’m so excited about my birthday!  Missing you!


Love Libby xxx

Hi Mum, Dad, Pets and Family


Its been great!  My room is lovely and my roommates are who I wanted!! I’m looking forward to Crealy tomorrow.  Missing you all.


Lots of love, Molly x x x

Dear Mum and Dad.


I had a great time shooting everyone at Skullduggery! Missing you lots, couldn’t be bothered to buy Abi a present! I can’t wait until tomorrow at Crealy!!


Lots of love from Phoebe x x x

Hello Mummy, Daddy, Charlotte and Albert,


Today we went to Laser Quest.  I kept on surprising Mr Moulton and jumped out of corners to shoot him! We also went to the Maritime Museum – I loved it!

See you tomorrow,


Lots of love Samuel xxxx

To Mum and Dad,


I had a lot of fun at the Eden Project.  The Maritime Museum was really good – I loved making the boats.  Ours fell over in the race so we didn’t win!

Can’t wait to go to Crealy.


From Theo x

To Mum, Rex, Chloe and Seb,


I had a great time at Laser Quest – our team came second.  At the Maritime Museum I got to go in a helicopter.  I liked all of the cannons at Pendennis Castle too!

Looking forward to tomorrow,


Love from Will xxx

Hi Mum and Dad and Jess,


I have had great fun at the Eden Project.  I loved the rainforest dome.  Today we had fun at Laser Quest and I built a boat at the Maritime Museum.  I came second in the boat race.

See you tomorrow!


Love from Will xxxx

It's almost ten o'clock, and we have just returned from a fabulous evening at Laser Tag!  We were split into teams and played against one another in a pirate themed course.   Everyone had lots of fun, and the blue team were victorious - winning by an enormous 20,000 points!!

As you can see from the team photos, everyone has had a great time playing Laser Quest this evening - there have been lots of requests to play again tomorrow!

We're heading off for hot chocolate before bed now.  Miss Daniel will start typing up the postcards in a while, so please check back to have a look at them! We'll also check in at breakfast time tomorrow!

It's coming up to 7pm on Day Two and we have just finished our evening meal and headed up to change.  Today has been action packed, and we have had an amazing amount of fun!  Unfortunately the weather has scuppered some of our original plans.  Luckily our back up plans have worked out well, and we had a brilliant morning exploring Pendennis Castle in Falmouth before heading to the National Maritime Museum this afternoon.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the large guns on display at Pendennis this morning!

The girls experimenting with boat structures at the Maritime Museum and taking notes for their own designs!

The weather has once again beaten us this evening and the Minack Theatre have contacted us to tell us that the Twits has been cancelled.  (We've had a sneaky look at their live webcam and we are relieved as it looks fairly miserable at the moment!!).   Luckily, our second back up plan of the day has worked out (!!) and we are heading off to a laser quest centre for this evenings activity.    When we get back this evening Miss D will do her best to update this properly with lots more pictures!!

Everyone has slept really well and we are currently eating an enormous breakfast before we set off on today's adventures.  As you can see from the photo most of us are bright eyed and bushy tailed, and looking forward to todays activities (even the teachers!).  Thank you for your messages so far - its lovely to hear from everyone while we are away!  Keep checking back as we will try to update again this evening!

Penzance Update - Day One

It's just after midnight on Day One and everyone is fast asleep!  We've had a fabulous evening ten-pin bowling and disco dancing, and all of the children have gone to bed with enormous smiles!

We hope you enjoy our team photos and action shots!  The winners from each lane are looking forward to receiving their prizes during the week! (And Miss D is very much looking forward to her prize as she had the highest score of the evening - what will Mr Furber buy?!)

The teams for the great bowling competition of Falmouth!

Our impressive action shots - some of them even resulted in strikes!!

Everyone enjoyed their dinner before we headed to Falmouth for a game of ten-pin bowling!

It's early evening on Day One and we are just finishing our dinner and getting ready to go bowling!  We've had a fabulous day at the Eden Project and really enjoyed our rainforest session!!

These photos show us during our Rainforest Rangers session where we learnt how to use plants that grow in the rainforest to help us survive.   We were officially awarded a 'Rainforest Ranger' certificate which means that we passed our survival tests!  William (our resident Rainforest Expert) has spent the rest of the day guarding the certificate very carefully!

Jasmine and Phoebe acted as wonderful ambassadors for the school in The Core - the hands on section of the Eden Project!  They certainly recieved some funny looks!

Having arrived at the hostel we have all found our bedrooms and settled in!  The staff were then kept entertained by everyone's attempts to make their beds - I'm sure the photograph below gives everyone an idea of the carnage that followed!

We are just finishing an enormous dinner and heading off for the evening!  Please check back later for some amusing bowling photographs!!

The Year Four Residential Trip is to Penzance this year.

This shows Year Four the day before they set off on their grand adventure!  We will do our best to check in and keep this page updated and would love to hear from you too!

See you on Friday!

On the Beach

Our trip to the sculpture garden at Broomhill gave us loads of ideas so we decided to go and get some materials to build with.
This meant a "very hard working" morning on the Beach at Northam Burrows where we collected driftwood.

Broomhill Sculpture Garden

Year Six have been developing the school grounds recently.
One of the things that we want to do is incorporate some sculpture into the things we are doing.
We decided to go and visit the sculpture garden at Broomhill to get some ideas.
Keep checking our web-site to find out what we create.

Hockey Winners

Our Hockey Teams went over to Holsworthy College today (Monday 11th June) to take part in this seasons hockey tournament.
We had a great time and a lot of success.
Our teams finished in first and third places overall.

Life Skills 2012

Every Year we take part in Junior Life Skills and as usual this year's event was brilliant.
We went over to Barnstaple Football Club where we spent the afternoon working with services like the Police, the Fire Service, St John's Ambulance and the Coastguard.
The photos show us wearing goggles which made it feel like you were drunk, practicing the recovery position, an oil fire and the bacteria which is on our hands.

Teaching Appointment

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Robin Lewis as our new class teacher and that he will be with us from the start of the new school year in September 2012.

As many of you will know Robin worked for us previously as a sports coach before leaving a few years ago to complete an art degree and to train as a teacher.
He has spent the last twelve months at East the Water School in Bideford and I know that he is delighted with the prospect of returning to Bradworthy.

On behalf of everyone at Bradworthy I would like to welcome Robin and say how much we are all looking forward to working together for our children in the future.

Sorry - Year Six

You should have got this information last week - sorry you didn't !

We've been really busy recently with things like walking on Dartmoor and climbing, and in addition to this I've been very busy getting ready for the interviews to find Mr Furber's replacement.
The up-shot of all of these excuses is that you didn't get a letter about a planned trip on Monday 11th June.

The photo shows last year's Year Six at Broomhill Sculpture Garden on a visit last year and as well as repeating this trip we'll be going to the Junior Life Skills event in Barnstaple.

Click here to download a letter.

You should get the letter through the post later this week.

Diamond Jubilee Picnic

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

We had a brilliant time yesterday when we spent the whole day outside playing "old fashioned" sports like egg and spoon racing, wheel barrow racing and tug of war.
We all wore red, white and blue and Mr Furber came as a flag !

We had an amazing picnic lunch outside on the playground and our brass band played for us.

Dartmoor Training

We completed our second Dartmoor training walk this week.
We're on top of Steeperton Tor where we rested our weary bodies for ten minutes and enjoyed one of the best views on Dartmoor.
It was mostly downhill from here which was good news at this point on a twelve mile walk.

Shebbear Football - 2012

The Shebbear College Football Rally was a fantastically successful day for us.
Our A-Team won the main cup competition for the first time since 2005 and in addition to this our B-Team and Girls' Team also put in brilliant performances.

A-Team :   Cup Winners
B-Team :   Plate Competition Winners
Girls' Team :   Runners Up

Class Page Update (25.5.2012)

The photo shows some, not-at-all frightening, spiders which were made by Reception this week.

We've just updated the Class Pages for Reception, Class One and Classes Three and Four.

Hover over "About" at the top of this page and then click the Class you want, to find out about what they've been doing.

Dartmoor - 2012

We've started our Year Six Ten Tors training.
The photo shows us at Sourton Tor at the end of a ten mile walk.
We went up to Bradworthy Moor on Monday to practice our navigation and then headed down to Dartmoor the following day where we had to use compasses and maps to find our way across some very challenging terrain. Including some very steep hills.
Of course it wasn't all hard work !!!

Willow Dome Music

Music is a really big part of our school.
This afternoon we took advantage of the good weather to go outside to our Willow Dome where Mr Sentance led a great session with his ukulele.

Northcott Climbing

Friday 18th May.
Having survived our SATs we went down to Northcott, which is just north of Bude, where we spent the day climbing on the sea cliffs.
The top photo shows Charlotte top-roping an E1 climb called Kleptomania which is a "Culm Coast" classic. The other photos show Libby and Ally climbing "Sun" which is rated HS.

Teaching Vacancy

After many successful years at Bradworthy Mike Furber is leaving us at the end of the summer term and this means we have a teaching vacancy from September 2012.

Click on the image to read our advert and reach links which you can use to download the paperwork you'll need to apply.

“I was born excited” – Mark Twain.

If you share this sentiment and would like

to join us on an amazing adventure then this
could be the job for you.

We require a main pay scale class teacher to work with either Year Three
or Year Four and are offering a full time, permanent contract from
September 2012. All terms and conditions will be in
line with national agreements.

Use these links to download the documents which you will need to apply for this post.
The Headteacher's report has been made available for your information, so that you have a summary of the things that we've been up to over the last couple of months.

Application Form ( Word )
Ethos ( Word )
Headteacher's Report ( Word )

Application Form ( pdf )
Ethos ( pdf )
Headteacher's Report ( pdf )

Alternatively please feel free to get in touch so we can send you the documentation through the post.

Please use the contact details at the foot of this page to return your application.

If you would like to get in touch with us in connection with this vacancy please feel free to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Volleyball Coaching

We were visited by a national volleyball coach this Tuesday who spent the afternoon coaching Years Five and Six.
We had a great time learning this new sport and we're hoping that we'll be able to take part in a competition later in the term.

Diary Update - May 2012

Our parents' diary has been updated.
You will need to register and log on to access it by hovering
over the "parents" tab at the top of this page and clicking.

Class Page Update (1.5.2102)

The photo shows Year Six hard at work in class but there's been a lot more going on than this !

We've just updated the Class Pages.

Hover over "About" at the top of this page and then click the Class you want, to find out about what they've been doing.

Year Three Residential - 2012

Bristol Update: End of Day Three!!

It's the end of day three and everyone is safely back at home!  We had a fabulous day at Crealy, making the most of time to play and go on lots of exciting rides!  Everyone was pleased to get back, and I am sure there are lots of rather sleepy children in Bradworthy this evening!

I would like to say thank you to all of the children for making the trip such a success.  They have displayed a fabulous attitude and outstanding behaviuor this week, which has been commented on by everyone that we have met and worked with!  The trip has been an enormous amount of fun, and the children have been delightful company!  All of the staff who took part are incredibly proud of them, and the way they have handled themselves!  Well done to you all!! Now it's time to start planning next year's .................

Bristol Update: Day Three

Everyone slept well and we are all excited at the prospect of a day in Crealy!  We've just finished our breakfast and are heading up to our rooms to collect cases and bags!  We will try to stay updated during the day, and will look forward to seeing you all at 6pm at school!  Mr Furber is still with us at the moment (although if Mr Stephenson looks closely at the picture he will see that Caroline has found a potential replacement for the old man!!!).

Bristol Update: Day Two

We've just returned from our Pirate Walk and many of us have 'Aaarrgghh'd' ourselves hoarse! Everyone enjoyed hearing tales of Bristol's Pirate History, and we learnt many fascinating things about Blackbeard, Treasure Island, Long John Silver and Robinson Crusoe.   Everyome is packing their cases at the moment, and getting ready for hot chocolate and birthday cake!  There are some tired faces, so fingers crossed for another quiet night.  Everyone is very excited at the thought of spending tomorrow at Crealy, and of course getting home to our loved ones!!!! (Although at the moment it's mainly roller coasters that everyone is excited about!)

A little later that evening .............................................

Everyone is safely tucked up in bed now!  We've had lots of birthday cake and have settled down to sleep ready for another action packed day!   We've spent this evening writing our postcard messages, and they should be at the bottom of this page (Miss Daniel isn't technologically capable of getting a new grid up here!).  We hope you like our messages!

If there is chance tomorrow we will update again - if not we will see you at school at 6pm!

Enjoying our birthday cake!!!

Big smiles as we write our postcards!

Exploring the harbour side and hearing all about the Pirates!

We've returned to the hostel after a busy day of adventures!  We have had a wonderful time on board the SS Britain and exploring the Zoo.  There are lots of photos below to show you all just how much fun we are having!  The children have been wonderful all day, continually enthusiastic and in very high spirits.   We will be having dinner soon, and then heading out for the evening.

We had lots of fun investigating passengers who once sailed aboard the SS Great Britain.

Exploring the dry dock around the hull of the ship (looking for holes in the hull!!!)

Ladies that lunch!! (In first class of course)

The Lovely Lauren (!!) was far more at home in first class than in steerage!!

Settling down for our MAD for Madagascar session at the Zoo.

Being brave and holding some of the animals at the Zoo - its hard to know who was more terrified - the boys or the cockroaches!

Heading back to the Youth Hostel for a well earned rest and some dinner.

Bristol Update: Day Two

We're just eating an enormous breakfast so this seemed like a good chance to check in!  Everyone slept well, and the teachers had to wake most of the children up - obviously we did this by singing very loudly!!  This morning we have two very excited birthday girls who were woken up with balloons and banners, and have spent a very happy half hour opening presents!

We're off to the SS Great Britain & Zoo in a minute, so we will update again later when we get back from our adventures.

The birthday girls enjoying opening their presents!!

Everyone enjoying the enormous breakfasts!

(Good news - we've still got Mr Furber - he's in the background of this one!)

Bristol Update: Day One

Its nearly midnight on day one and all is well!  We have had a really busy but fun filled day, and everyone is sleeping soundly.  We started the day at Wookey Hole, exploring the caves and mill followed by lots of playing!  After this we headed up to Bristol and settled into the hostel for dinner.   This evening we have had lots of fun ice skating (and falling over) before heading back to the hostel for hot chocolate and bed!

A picnic at Wookey Hole!                                  Making our very own paper!

Exploring the caves......                                   Having lots of fun!!

We've found a bed for the night!                             Everyone enjoying a large meal!!

Perfecting the skating.....                                 Perfecting the art of falling over!

Everyone is safely tucked up in bed now!  Tomorrow morning we are heading off to the SS Great Britain - check back tomorrow evening for more photos!



This is Year Three the day before embarking on their epic voyage to Bristol !!!
Although as they are still in their class you probably worked this out yourself !!

We'll be updating this page whenever we can
- technology allowing -
so keep checking back for photos and information.

You can also leave messages if you want to.

Postcards Home!!!

Hi Everyone!

Im having a great time.  I can finally ice skate!!

The Zoo was my favourite thing!

I've had a lovely birthday!


I miss you lots!

Lots of love from Blythe x x x

To Mummy and Daddy and Lewis

I am having a great time in Bristol.  My favourite place was the Zoo.  I liked seeing the gorillas - one had a baby, it was cute!

See you tomorrow

Love from Caitlin x x x x

To Mum and Dad

I am having a very nice time.  I went ice skating and i was rubbish! I went to the zoo, Mr Furber was about to feed me to the lions.  Mr Furber and Miss Daniel and Caroline and Mr Moulton have been awesome.

Lots of love from Callum x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Hello Mummy, Daddy and Cara

I'm having a lovely time in Bristol.  My favourite thing was the ice skating - Miss Daniel says i was a champion!

I'll see you tomorrow

Lots of love from Ellie x x x

Hi Everybody!

I'm having a great time.

My favourite bit was seeing all of the animals in the Zoo.  I got two sand toys - one is a dinosaur and one is a lizard!

I'll see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love from Ethan x x x

To Everyone,

I am having a great time at Bristol.  I really like the MAD Madagascar tour that we did!  In the tour we got to find out lots about animals and we got to listen to the Madagascar Music!

When i went ice skating i did 17 laps - it was really slippery!

Love Eve x x x

Dear Mum, Dad and Libby,

When we went to the zoo, I saw a monkey that looked like you (Libby!!)

I held a cockroach - it was BIG!!

Lots of love,

Evie x x x x x x x

To Mum, Dad, Harry, Jack and Roger

I'm having a very good time.  Mr Furber, Mr Moulton, Miss Daniel and Caroline have been awesome!   My favourite part has been the caves at Wookey Hole.

I'm looking forward to going to Crealy!

Lots of love from George x x x x x x x x x x

To Mum and Dad,

I really liked the zoo.  My favourite animals were the lemurs.  I really liked the ice skating too and the pirate walk was cool.

See you tomorrow

Love from Jess x x x

Hi Everyone,

I'm having a great time in Bristol.  Yesterday we went ice skating - I finally got the hang of it.  Today we went to the SS Great Britain - the ship is massive!   Tomorrow we are going to Crealy!

Lots of love, Kaya x x x x x x x x x x

To Mum and Dad

Having a nice time.  I learnt how to ice skate and i had lots of fun.  I fell over loads of times but it was funny!

My favourite part was seeing the youth hostel - it is very fun!

See you tomorrow, love from Keiron x x

Hi Everyone,

I loved the sushi - everyone was jealous!

My favourite thing was the Zoo - I had great fun and saw lions!!

I love you lots - see you tomorrow.

Lots of love from Lauren x x x

Hi Mum, Hi Dad!

Yesterday we went ice skating - i finally managed to skate without hanging on to the wall - but i fell over 69 times!!

Today we went to the SS Great Britain and we went to the Zoo.

I cant wait to go to Crealy tomorrow.

Love you lots, see you tomorrow, Maisy x x x x x x x x x x

To Mum and Dad,

I am having a great time at Bristol.

My favourite part was seeing a baby gorilla at the zoo!  It was cute!

I'm looking forward to Crealy tomorrow.

Love you lots from Natasha x x x

To Mum, Dad, Nanna, Grandad and Oscar

I'm really enjoying myself.  All the boys are sleeping in one room.  Mr Furber, Miss Daniels, Mr Moulton and Caroline have been all round awesome! We got the prize for being the best sleepers!

My favourite part was when we hid from Mr Furber at the Zoo.

See you tomorrow, lots of love from Noah x x x x x x

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am having a great time at Bristol.  My best part was the Mad for Madagascar tour.  I liked the SS Great Britain and seeing how people used to travel.

Miss you - see you tomorrow!

Lots of love from Sophie x x x

Hi Everyone,

I'm having a lovely time here in Bristol!  Yesterday we went ice skating. This morning we went to see the SS Great Britain, it was enormous, and we went to Bristol Zoo.

I'm looking forward to Crealy!

Lots of love, Symi x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Hello Everyone,

I'm having a great time.  When we went to the Zoo i saw Hip Hop Hippo! My gorgeous fella!! But he ran away from me because he saw Mr Furber!

I'll see you all tomorrow.

All my love, Zoe x x x x x x x x x x

Bob the Builder

Bob fixes it for children in Bradworthy

Families came together to enjoy fun and activities at Bradworthy Primary Academy and Pre-School on Thursday 22nd March.

Bob the builder and spud the scarecrow dropped into the school and were met with some very excited faces!

A packed programme of activities and plenty of fun for all the family helped make the day unforgettable.  The atmosphere was buzzing as children joined Bob to take part in various hands-on activities throughout the day.

Children had the opportunity to build walls with Bob, explore the diggers, make their own scarecrows, complete collage activities with Wendy and take part in many other learning experiences.

The school was overwhelmed by the support and would like to say special thanks to Mark Broadhead Ltd. of Kenwyn Stoves and chimneys from Torrington for loaning Bob the builder for the day, Mole Valley Farmers for the use of their hard hats and wheel barrows and Alan Balsdon for letting us climb all over his digger

The Urban Spaceman

Watch our Urban Spaceman video here.
We produced it for our annual art exhibition.


Art Exhibition 2012

On Thursday March 29th Bradworthy Primary Academy was launched into Space.

For the event the hall had been converted into a spaceship with the aid of miles of plastic sheeting and decorated with pictures of spacemen. It was filled with a collection of amazing robots that the pupils had built with just a little help from mums, dads and grandparents. There were metal robots, cardboard robots and plastic robots. They had all been built from junk materials but you would be forgiven for thinking they had been built in a galactic supplies factory. Some had flashing lights, some had whirling coloured windmills and several were remote controlled.

The children had learned and written several songs for the occasion which had been filmed and were shown as part of the exhibition. They all took part in a performance of ‘The Urban Spaceman’, a song made popular in the 1960s by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. The singing was accompanied by ukuleles and kazoos while film was shown of the Urban Spaceman’s day at school.

On Thursday evening, after a delightful concert by the school brass band and choir, drinks and snacks were served in the ‘spaceship’. The children had spent the previous week preparing such delights cheesey suns, moon and star shortbread, galactic spirals and sausage asteroids. All the snacks were served by pupils dressed as spacemen and boffins. A cosmic time was had by all

Sport Relief 2012

Click on this image to open the page and watch a video of us supporting Sports Relief.
You'll have to watch to the end to find out how much we raised !!!

The video is accompanied by a soundtrack which features our Brass Band and Choir.

Climbing Boulder

Our climbing teacher, Simon Young, has been building us an amazing new climbing boulder on our school field.
The good weather just before Easter meant that it was "all hands to the pump" as we worked to complete this exciting new project.
Year Six spent a day digging out the ground around the boulder and children form Year One upwards then moved ten tons of bark which was needed as a safety surface.
Who says that there's no such thing as slavery !!!

Kingsley Cross Country 2012

We went over to Kinglsey School In Bideford this March to join over 1000 other children in their annual cross country running competition.
We took four teams in the under eleven and under nine categories and although we didn't come back with any medals everyone had a great time and it was good to see how high the standard is in a regional competition.

Drama Teaching 2012

Each week our children are taught drama by a specialist teacher from the Plough Theatre in Torrington.
This week we took advantage of the good weather to go outside and work in the sunshine.

Class Page Update (30.3.12)

We've just updated the Class 3 and Class 4 web-pages.
Hover over "About" at the top of this page and then click the Class you want to see.

School Concert

Our Art Exhibition Concert will take place this Thursday evening at 6.30pm in the Memorial Hall. If you would like to come along please get in touch because we'd be delighted to see you.
The photo shows our new rock group in rehearsal ahead of their first ever performance.
Our brass band and choir will also be taking to the stage and after the concert we'd be delighted to welcome you to the school hall where you can enjoy our art exhibition and join us for a glass of wine and refreshments prepared by Year Six.

Class Page Update (23.3.12)

We've just updated the Foundation, Class 2, Class 5 and Class 6 web-pages.
Hover over "About" at the top of this page and then click the Class you want to see.

North Devon Gymnastics 2012

Our gymnastics teams met with fantastic success at the North Devon Championships which were held at Kingsley College on Saturday 17th March.
The biggest and best measure of the success of gymnastics is that despite the fact that we were one of the smaller schools at the competition we were able to enter the highest number of gymnasts, an amazing 49 competitors which is nearly a third of the children at our school.
We came away with another set of incredible results with a total of ten different teams and individual gymnasts finishing in medal positions.
This is a huge tribute to Kerry, Michelle and Sara who work so hard coaching our children.
We would also like to thank Maxine for the hours she spent sorting out their hair and making sure they all looked so wonderful.

Under Nine Intermediate Girls' Team.
Best Musical Interpretation in the Competition.
Bronze Medalists.
Under Seven Novice Girls' Team.
Gold Medalists.
Libby - Under 7 Individual Girls' Gold Medal.
Amelia - Under 7 Individual Girls' Silver Medal.
Under Eleven Intermediate Girls' Team.
Silver Medalists.
Under Eleven Intermediate Mixed Team.
Bronze Medalists.
Under Seven Novice Mixed Team.
Bronze Medalists.
Under Eleven Boys' Novice Team.
Bronze Medalists.
Under Eleven Girls' Novice Team.
Bronze Medalists.

Art Exhibition Coming Soon

Preparations for our annual Art Exhibition are well under way !

The exhibition will be open on the last two days of this term (Thursday 29th and Friday 30th March) from 8.00am each morning and you are very welcome to come in at any point each day.

The older children will be taking it in turns to act as your hosts and they will be delighted to welcome you and show you around.

The exhibition will be open until around 8.30pm on Thursday evening but will close at 4.00pm on Friday so that we can clear up before the Easter break.

Brass Band - Rotary Concert

On Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March our Brass Band performed at the Holsworthy Rotary Club Variety Concert.
We performed a ten minute set at the end of act one to rapturous applause from a packed house.
The performance was a wonderful experience and something that we'll remember forever.

The children approached this event with their usual enthusiasm and professionalism and it was wonderful to get the following comment from the organisers afterwards.
They said that the children were the most polite and best behaved children they had ever had in the Theatre and that we should be very proud of them as teachers, parents and school. They said that it would be a pleasure to have the children back.
It goes without saying that we agree with this wholeheartedly.
We are exceptionally proud of every one of them and we would love to go back to the theatre sometime soon.

Seventh Class

Bradworthy Primary Academy has opened up a seventh class for the first time in its history. This initiative has come only a year after the school became North Devon’s first primary academy and it means that our children are now taught in small single-age class groups, rather than in big mixed year groups.

We achieved another historic first last month when the school roll passed 150 children.
In last year’s SATs results Bradworthy featured among the top schools in the country and this new class will be an important part in ensuring that we are able to maintain these standards into the future.

We have worked hard to reduce class sizes because we believe this plays such an important part in children’s learning and development and it is a huge step forward that our average classes are close to only 20 which is significantly lower than the national average

Class Six Science Week

The Second week of March was Science Week and our Year Six children have been involved in several trips which have supported all of the things we've been doing in school.
On Tuesday we went down to IGER to learn about environmental science.
On Wednesday we went to Bristol to find out about the technology behind the SS Great Britain and to visit the science exploratory and planetarium at @Bristol.
On Thursday we visited the Explorer Dome at Holsworthy College where found out about Light.
It's been a very busy and very exciting week. If you want to find out more about what we've been up to and what we've learnt check out our Class Six web-page next week when we'll have up-loaded some of our work.

Football - March 2012

We took two Football Teams over to Sandymere again this week. The fact that the children in Year Six were away from school on a trip meant that we were able to give quite a few younger children their first chance to play in a tournament and it’s great that everyone had such a good time.

Our A-Team lost their first match 3 – 0 to Appledore but recovered from this to draw their second match and then win their next three.

It’s got to be said that our B-Team suffered a bit from having to play against several bigger and stronger teams of Year Six children but they battled as hard as they could, had a great time and if the way they played is a sign for the future they’re going to be a great side when they’re older and bigger themselves.

Our A-Team have also been over to Shebbear College recently where they put in a fantastic performance to win 4 – 1 against a team which we lost to earlier in the season.

Class Page Update (9.3.12)

We've just updated the Foundation, Class 2 and Class 5 web-pages.
Hover over "About" at the top of this page and then click the Class you want to see.

Exeter Cathedral Choir Video

This is our wonderful choir back in school posing for a photo for the local papers.
Even better than this though,
is the video of our version of Forever Young which you can view here.


Exeter Cathedral Choir Project

On Saturday 3rd March our school choir travelled down to Exeter to perform in the cathedral.
It was a wonderful experience and although we had a fantastic time performing three songs with all of the other schools that were there the high point was our own school's performance of Bob Dylan's Forever Young.
We've been working really hard with Miss Daniel and Mr Moulton in school for the last few weeks so that we were ready but that didn't mean that everyone wasn't feeling nervous !
When it was our turn to sing it was an amazing. It was a fantastic feeling to perform to such a big audience in such a big building and to do it so well.
Everyone at Bradworthy is feeling incredibly proud of everyone in our choir and we're all hoping that there'll be another concert soon !!

We've got a video of the performance which we're hoping to get on line later in the week so keeping checking the web-site !

Climbing Finals - 2012

This is Leanne, Ellie, Charlotte and Lucy and they're our victorious South West climbing champions.
We've been down to Dart Rock at Buckfastleigh to take part in several competitions this year and their victory just before half term meant that they became over-all winners in the primary age category.
In fact their total score would have been good enough to place them second in the Under 18 competition too - which is quite an achievement !!
This will probably be the last competition of the year but we're not too bothered because as soon as the weather gets a bit better we'll be outside on proper rocks !!!

Devon Hedges Art Competition

Bradworthy Primary Academy was thrilled when the results of this Competition were announced as four of our children were amongst the prize winners and their work will be displayed in the Exhibition which will be touring the county.

The brief was to produce artwork in any medium inspired by our hedges and our entries included paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures as well as some very original media such as knitting.

The photo shows Imogen and Sam who were both Highly Commended, Bekkah who was awarded fourth place and Cara who achieved second.

You can see their work in Bideford Library from 2nd to 31st July and at the Plough in Torrington form 3rd to 26th September.

Netball - February 2012

Our netball team went over to Park School In Barnstaple this week to take part in the North Devon Finals.
They had a great competition, reaching the semi-finals where they lost to St Helen's School who went on to win the competition.

Devon Schools Gymnastics Competition

We entered three team in this year's Devon School's Championships. and once again our teams met with a lot of success:

Our Under Nine Girl's Team won their competition.
Our Under Eleven Mixed Team finished second.
Our Under Eleven Girl's Team came third in their category.

Football - February 2012

This is out Football B-Team who set a new school record this February at a tournament at Sandymere near Bideford.
During the afternoon they scored an incredible 54 goals and conceded only one which is the best goal difference that we've ever achieved in a single competition.

Planetarium Visit 2012

These are some of the stars and planets that we learnt about when Classes Three and Four were visited by a planetarium this week.
Everyone had a brilliant time.

SAT Results - 2011

54th Best Results Nationally and 2nd Best Results in Devon !!!

You may have see the publication of this year's SAT results in the papers over Christmas.
They are based on our Year Six children's performance in tests in reading, writing and maths just before they leave us for secondary school.
Our results have been consistently good for many years and this year is no exception with our results placing us in 2nd place out of all the schools in Devon and in 54th place nationally.

We think that the most important thing to note is that our children are able to achieve great academic results whilst at the same time having access to a wide and exciting range of curriculum, and extra-curricular activities which help them to develop as rounded people.

A Night at the Movies

Click on the photo for a selection of photos of the cast for our Christmas play - "A Night at the Movies" where we celebrated the silver screen to three packed audiences in the Memorial Hall.

In addition to performing songs and dances on stage we also produced our own versions of several screen classics.

Some of these film clips will appear on this web-site over Christmas and in addition to this you will be able to read all about the play when Year Six publish their winter newspaper in January.

Carol Service - 2011

Everyone at Bradworthy Academy would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas .........
The photo shows Year Six on the last day of term when the whole school went down to the village church to hold a Christmas Carol Service.
It was the perfect place to remember what Christmas is all about and a quiet and relaxed way in which to finish what has been another very busy term.

Brass Band - Christmas 2011

Our Brass Band have played on several occassions on the run-up to Christmas.
These performances have included our Christmas Craft Fayre and Atlantic Village.
The video shows us at the turning on of the Christmas lights on Bradworthy Square.

Christmas Craft Fayre Winners - 2011

Each Christmas the children in Year Six take part in a business project where they compete in their House Teams to try and make the biggest possible profit.
Each of the four Houses is given a £30 budget to help them set up games and competitions which the younger children can choose to play during the craft fayre.

This year's results were incredibly close with the photo showing the winning team - Puffins

The full results, which show the profit made by each team, are as follows:

Puffins - £ 220 . 49p
Herrons - £ 220 . 34p
Robins - £ 217 . 95p
Magpies - £ 207 . 90p

KS2 Disco - Christmas 2011

Thak you to our PTA for organising our end of term Christmas Disco.
We all had a great time.

Christmas Dinner 2011

Our annual Christmas Dinner was a wonderful festive occasion with music, crackers, party poppers, balloons .....
..... and obviously a great Christmas meal which was prepared by Janet, Angie and Tara in our school kitchen.

It's an indication of the great work that they do that they had to prepare a record number of meals on Firday - Over 160 !!!

We are all very grateful to them - and not just at Christmas!!

December Climbing Competition

Our climbing teams went down to Buckfastleigh on Friday 2nd December to take part in the second round of their boldering competition.
As well as our school teams it was brilliant to be able to take down a Youth Group Team who competed in the secondary school section.

Primary Boys - First and Second Place.
Primary Girls - First and Second Place.
Secondary Girls - First Place.


Abba Nativity

Rehearsals for the Class One and Two "Abba Nativity Play" are well underway with the photo showing us practicing in school.
The performance will be in the village church on Thursday 8th December at 11.00am.

More Filming

Filming for the Christmas play is continuing.
The photo shows Holly trying to control two Darliks who are intent on exterminating Dr Who who was down on the beach at Northcott.

The performances are on -
Tuesday 13th December (afternoon)
Wednesday 14th December (evening)
Thursday 15th December (evening)

Tickets will be in short supply so get in touch with the office as soon as possible if you want any.

Christmas Carols 2011

Choir and Band preparations are underway for our Christmas events -

Saturday 3rd December at 4pm - Turning on Village Lights
Thursday 8th December at 6.30pm - Atlantic Villge
Friday 16th December at 11.00am - Carol Concert in Church

Class Six Preparations

Our Christmas Fayre was planned, organised and run by the children in Year Six.
The photos show them shopping at Asda to buy the things they needed for their games and competitions and setting things up.
We even had to have our school dinners sitting on the floor, picnic style because the classrooms were being set up for the big event !!!

Christmas Craft Day 2011

Our Christmas craft day was great and everyone had a lot of fun.
Over thirty parents came in to school to help the children make crafts to sell at the Christmas Fayre and we are really grateful to them for giving up their time.

Children in Need 2011

We supported Children in Need with a non-uniform day and cake sale. We raised nearly £250 which is fantastic.
Thank you to everyone who supported the fundraising.

Map Competition Winners

The Pam Parker Map Competition

On the 5th of July we drew a map of Bradworthy and entered it in The Pam Parker Map Competition

The categories were:

Individual map award,
Highly recommended,
The school producing the highest quality and most useful maps.

We won the school producing the highest quality and most useful map award. This meant that we received a framed certificate and a £25 book token. When the letter arrived saying that we had won the award we were all surprised and very pleased. It was something we all enjoyed doing!
Hopefully we can continue our art work and will win many more awards.

Shannon (Class 6 )

Harvest Festival 2011

* * Click here for the long awaited video of our Harvest festival * *





Remembrance 2011

 The whole school went down to the village church on Friday 11th November for a Remembrance Service which included standing for two minutes silence at 11am.


The poppy reef stood proud and bold in the church window. Twigs intertwined twisted and bendy like the trenches long lasting forever going.
The twigs were brown and dull just like the trenches.
Poppies collided as they were jammed packed together like the poppies in the field blowing in the wind.
Deep red, cold black and dull green.  Standing red for the blood, green for the fields and the black for the dead.
The poppies still stand proud just as we stand proud for those who fought for us.

Lucy Class6

Christmas Play Filming

 The photos show actors and technical crew filming on location for our up-coming Christmas Play. Thanks to "1646" in Torrington for allowing us to use their Blacksmith's Workshop which provided the perfect backdrop for Gaius the Merlin scene in our King Arthur film.   

Trampoline Club


 Our Year Four Trampoline Club started this Tuesday over at Budehaven School.
From the look of the photos we'll have Olympic champions by Christmas.


Fireworks Night

This photograph shows the "Guy" that we made in school sitting on top of the village bonfire on Fireworks Night.
The only thing is it's not Guy Fawkes .........
If you want to know who Robert Cecil was and why we decided to put him on the bonfire rather than the more traditional Guy Fawkes you'll have to check out the Class Six web-page later this week when you can read one of our reports on the whole business.

Halloween Disco

We'd like to thank our PTA, who put on a fantastic Halloween Disco in the Memorial Hall on Friday evening.
The children had a brilliant time.

Climbing Club

Our climbing club went over to Pilton College on Thursday evening to train on their boldering wall.
Our Year Six climbers were joined by several ex-pupils, who come to our Youth Group, and who will be joining us at the next county boldering competition which is due to take place at Dartrock in Buckfastleigh in December.