Sporting Honours

The school has worked long and hard to ensure that the opportunities that our children have to take part in sporting activities are both extensive and of a very high standard.
These opportunities include traditional sports like football and netball, activities like trampoline and as they become older adventurous sports like rock climbing and surfing.
Our prime objective is to ensure that as many children as possible take paert in as many activities as they can.
This said, each year we also honour those children who we feel have made both an exceptional effort and also achieved the very highest of standards.
Girls Boys
2000 Miss E Daniel Master M Sampson
2001 Miss C Walter Master M Andrew
2002 Miss L Crick Master I Sampson
2003 Miss J Morris Master L Curtis
2004 Miss N Smale Master L Clarke
2005 Miss B Radford Master D Furse
2006 Miss A Neil Master S Shadrick
2007 Miss J Gifford Master T Vallance
2008 Miss H-J Richards Master M Carter
2009 Miss L Dunn Master J Bentley-Jones
2010 Miss E Parry Master G Carter
2011 Miss D Bailey Master D Fenney
2012 Miss S Richards Master A Dunn