Academic Honours

We are very proud of all of the children who go to our school.
They consistently work very hard in their studies to achieve the very best
that they can, and beyond this they become enthusiastically involved in
the range of experiences which we offer them each year.
Their attitude and conduct are exemplary and it is a privilege to
work with them.

Every year we honour children in Year 6 for their academic efforts and achievements.
The name of the single girl and boy who we feel has made the most progress, achieved the very highest of standards in their work and put in the greatest amount of effort is entered on our honours board.

This provides a permanent record of their achievement and also serves as an excellent example to younger children of what we expect from everyone.
Boys - Girls -
2000 Master C Brown Miss E Melville
2001 Master M Lindsay Miss D Milman
2002 Master M Bailey Miss R Radmore
2003 Master C Boulton Miss S Raffe
2004 Master J Nixon Miss A Cann
2005 Master T Hassett Miss L Honey
2006 Master O Bently-Jones Miss F Holding
2007 Master Z Smart Miss M Furse
2008 Master D Martyn Miss M Snell
2009 Master L Home Miss A Heard
2010 Master L Trewin Miss A Morey
2011 Master S Hill Miss E Martyn
2012 Master L Carey Miss C Prime