Collective Worship

The Collective Worship Policy at Bradworthy School follows the guidance of:

• Circular 1/94 Religious Education and Collective Worship
• Devon Local Education Authority Guidelines on Collective Worship in Maintained Schools

"In the light of the Christian traditions of Great Britain, collective worship is to be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character." (Education Reform Act 1988, Education Act 1993)

Education Reform Act (1988) and the Education Act (1993) state that acts of worship may contain certain elements drawn from a number of different faiths, but that within each term, the majority of acts of worship must be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character.

At Bradworthy School our collective worship is broadly Christian but is distinct from corporate worship within a faith group. There are occasions when other faiths are the focus during collective worship, (for example festivals, holy days etc).

Acts of Collective Worship take place daily in the school hall as follows:

(The majority of meetings last for a period of 15 minutes).

Monday Rev Dorrington. 1.15 pm
Tuesday Mr Dawson, Music Based. 1.15 pm
Wednesday Mr Stephenson. 1.15 pm
Thursday Mr Furber / Miss Daniel, Choir. 1.15 pm
Friday Mr Stephenson / Mr Furber, Gold Book Awards. 1.15 pm