North Wales 2017

Hello everyone.  It's Mrs T here again with an update from the day.  The children have had another really busy day, kayaking, climbing and gorging.  They are currently at the cinema - although I imagine there are lots of tired eyes watching the film! Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to a very different adventure tomorrow. 

Hi everyone - Mrs T here again!  After a busy day of climbing we are very proud to report that all of the children safely reached the top of Snowdon today.  As you can see below we have some pictures of our brave conquerors - apologies for the lack of photos of one of the groups - technology is really not being cooperative with us at the moment!  After such an eventful day the group are now dry slope skiing - and having an amazing time I am sure.   Tomorrow will see them carrying on with their outdoor activities - either kayaking and climbing or gorging. 
Thank you all for your comments and emails.  We will update as soon as we have some more pictures to share!


Another update - some photos of the children enjoying the walls at the climbing centre this evening!  Simon would be very proud! Weather permitting the group are planning to climb Snowdon tomorrow - we will keep you updated!




Hello again everyone - Mrs T here with some photos from the past two days.  Technology has been kind and allowed us to get some photographs of the group who went gorging today.  As you can see everyone is having a great time and enjoying the challenging activities.  While one group have been gorging today, the other group have had fun kayaking and climbing outdoors.  At the moment we are not able to get any photos from the kayaking group - fingers crossed!!   As soon as we have more photos to share I will update again.

Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday will see the group climbing Snowdon - I am sure we will be able to share lots of happy smiling faces at the summit!

If anyone is having problems leaving a comment please feel free to send it to, and I will upload them for you.




Hello everyone.  Mrs T here with a quick update.  I've 'borrowed' this picture of the hostel from a previous year, as unfortunately technology has not allowed the sending of any pictures yet.  We heard from the group earlier and they were on the way to the hostel following a fantastic day in the Black Country Museum.  They were expecting to arrive at the hostel at around 7pm, so I imagine they have just enjoyed a hearty dinner!

The children are all in very good spirits - and looking forward to the adventures to come this week. 
As soon as we manage to get some pictures sent across I will update the page.



#1 Lynsey 2017-07-10 19:25
Hello chels, glad to hear you've all had a good journey and a fab day, looking forward to seeing all the pictures, hope you all have a fun filled adventurous day tomorrow after a good sleep. Missing you loads already love mum dad & Laura xx
#2 Chris and Andy 2017-07-10 19:41
Hi Sam Hope you had a great day at the Museum. Have lots of fun!Love you lots Mum Dad and Josh xx
#3 Louise Fry 2017-07-10 20:05
Hi Meg and friends. Hope you've had a great day at the museum and are getting settled in the hostel. Hope you managed to get that suit case up the stairs Meg! Sleep tight and have a fab day tomorrow.Lots of love and cuddles Mum, Dad, Chloe. Squeaks from Miffy
#4 Team d xxxx 2017-07-10 22:21
Hey you lovely lot hope you had a great day. I forgot to pack your list Ede sorry! We been playing netball Lucy's mum is coaching us we didn't win but we played well! Loads and loads of love Eden. Bet you all so excited for all your activities. Xxxxxxx
#5 Chloe Fry 2017-07-11 06:33
Hi Megan and class 5
hope you all have a great time in Wales adventuring all over the place
P.S. Miffy sends loads of squeaks
#6 Jo Holmes 2017-07-11 06:46
Morning Eddie, hope you had a great time yesterday at the Black Country Museum (alroight cupcake). Enjoy your day today, big hugs, mom x
#7 Sarah & Zoe Gilhespy 2017-07-11 16:42
Hey it's Zoe I hope you are having a good time because I definitely did
#8 Joanne Barraclough 2017-07-11 16:55
Hi Saul. Hope you are having a great time, what have you been doing today? I've been at Ellie and rab's house. Jam says hello and that dog Belle came to see where you were too! Don't forget to take some pictures, make sure you're in some of them! Love from mum x
#9 Jo williams 2017-07-11 17:01
Hi jude
Hope your having the best time ...and hope your not too wet been raining all night and day here today x love you mum and ally
#10 jo polhill 2017-07-11 18:04
Hi Tom and everyone, Bet you're having a fab time but I hope you're not the last one to go to sleep and need waking up in the morning!! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your adventures. Missing you, lots of love Mum, Dad and Eloise xxx
#11 Will Hollis 2017-07-11 18:38
Hello AJ, it's Will hope your having a great time say hello to Sir for us all!
#12 Jami S Hollis 2017-07-11 18:40
Hello AJ
We are missing you the house is so quiet and tidy! Maisy is missing you to, but we hope your having an amazing time and you and your friends are making some amazing memories and having some brilliant adventures!
Take care lots of love
Mum, Dad, katie, William and Maisy dog!
#13 Louise Fry 2017-07-11 19:20
From Abi Newman.

Hi Teagan and gang! Hope your first couple of days have been fantastic and journey went quickly. We are all missing you loads, Taiya wants you back already. Enjoy every moment darling, can't wait to see some photos and what you've been up to. Love you millions, Mum, Dad and Doozy Doo xxxx
#14 Melanie & Phil 2017-07-11 19:42
Hey Fin, just seen your photos from today... looks like you are having such an amazing time..
lily and Louie are missing you lots and are sleeping on your bed ..
daddy, Farrell and me are so excited to see the next lots of photos from your awesome trip.. have ooodles of fun . Miss you so much. Love you lots .
Mum , dad and fabs xxxxxxxxx
#15 Max Jowett 2017-07-11 19:55
Great photos, I am so jealous, I love canyoning. It looks like you are all having a great time. Please say hello to Erin from Mum and Dad. We hope that you and all your friends have a great time.
#16 lynsey 2017-07-11 19:57
Chelsea, wow the pictures look like your all having an awesome time already, take lots of pictures if your camera still works , what with all that water!! have fun xx miss you loads, love mum dad laura xxx
#17 Jo Holmes 2017-07-11 20:03
Hi Eddie, hope you've had a great day today & didn't get too wet, it's been pouring down here all day so I got soaked in Bude!! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures & seeing your photos. Love you loads, mom xxx
#18 Tracey Stevens 2017-07-11 20:08
Hi Cory and Class 5

It looks like you are having quite an adventure!!! Great pictures. Luke wishes he was there!
Enjoy the rest of your stay.
Lots of Love Dad, Mum , Jasmine and Luke.xx
#19 Team Bewes 2017-07-11 20:09
Hi Nathan, someone's taken some great pictures! Hope you're having a great time, we're all missing you loads. Enjoy yourself, big hugs, Mum, Dad & Ryan xxx
#20 Emma 2017-07-11 20:11
Miley, looks,like you are having an amazing time... keep smiling and making memories.... lots of love mum and dad.... and Kian xxx
#21 MinnieD 2017-07-11 20:14
Hello Eden we've been watching boss baby SUPER FUNNY !!!! I've missed you and so has everyone Amelia rebbeca's little sister was like Eden Eden xxx.
#22 William Allin 2017-07-11 20:19
Harriet you look very brave climbing up that waterfall. It's very wet here too. The lambs have gone into their indoor pen in discust with the weather. I had William home all day organising me .........! Keep enjoying this amazing opportunity with priceless memories and learnt skills. Love you to the moon and back Mum, Dad, William, paws & hooves.
#23 William Allin 2017-07-11 20:23
Harriet you look like are having such an amazing time make sure you go straight to bed no midnight feasts I hope the food is nice and yummy and looks like you got higher up the walls than I did. Still can't understand why sir didn't want the pleasure of my company I could have been I charge of the meal times !
P.s. Hi Miley
#24 Katie 2017-07-11 20:27
Looks like you are having a great time stay safe.
Love you loads
Mummy, Daddy, Paws and Hooves
#25 Becki 2017-07-11 20:30
Hi Brooke, looks like you are having an amazing time! Enjoy your climb up Snowden. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get home. With love from Nannie and Grandad xxxx
#26 Becki 2017-07-11 20:31
Hey Broo, Absolutely loving the photos, looks like you guys are having the best time! Gorging looks good fun! Have another amazing day tomorrow. All missing you here.....although Bud is enjoying having the bed to himself haha! Lots of love from all of us xx
#27 Becki 2017-07-11 20:32
Hello Connor! Looks like you have all been having the BEST time. Sliding down the rock into the river looks great!! Hope the games room at the hostel is as good as you were hoping. We all love and miss you like mad but know that you are having lots of fun. All our love, Mum, Dad, Rae, Wiggins, Marple and the other one (ha ha) xxxxxxx
#28 Jenny Starr 2017-07-11 20:45
Hi Corbin, Looks like youve had an amazing time so far, The weather looks good for Snowdon tommorow you should get a great view at the top. Quiet here without you,missing you lots. Love mum,dad and Bradley. X
#29 Louise Fry 2017-07-11 20:57
Hi Megs. Looks like you've had an amazing day. That climbing wall looks fab! Missing you loads. It's a bit strange without my daily trip to Bradworthy. Think you will sleep well tonight. Can't wait to see more adventures Lots of love and snuggles Mumxx
#30 Chris and Andy 2017-07-11 21:09
Hi Sam
Looks like you are all having a great time! Lawnflite is fixed and waiting for you! Enjoy yourself! Can't wait to hear all about it. Love you lots Mum Dad and Josh xxx
#31 Sophie Prouse 2017-07-11 23:07
Hi Lewis, hope your having a good time. Leyla keeps asking where you are! Enjoy the rest of the week, see you Friday, love mum, Dad and leyla xx
#32 Team Bewes 2017-07-12 06:13
Hi Nathan,hope you slept well. Hope the weather behaves for you all today, but take your waterproofs just in case, warm layers and comfiest shoes! Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Have fun, love you lots. Mum, dad & Ryan xxxkgada
#33 Granny & Grampy 2017-07-12 06:41
Hi Jolie,
Looks as though you're having the time of your life! Hope today goes well on top of the world. Give our love to Wales. Look after yourself. Thinking of you lots. Much love, Granny & Grampy. xxx
#34 Diane Poole 2017-07-12 08:28
Hi Corbin, from the photos it looks like you are all having a great time. Hope the weather is ok when you walk Snowdon and you have a good view from the top. Auntie Di x
#35 Sarah Gilhespy 2017-07-12 10:01
Hi Oscar, Sorry you only got half of the message yesterday for some reason! Hopefully you've climbed Snowdon today and enjoyed it, I had a nosey at the Snowdon webcam, the weather looked fab. Missing you loads, Love Mum xxx
#36 Benjamin & Melissa 2017-07-12 12:17
Hi Archie
Hope you are having a great time - it looks fun!! Alan is having difficulty eating his new smaller biscuits all quite boring at home - lot of love from Mum and Dad and Alan!
#37 Lynsey 2017-07-12 12:36
Chelsea, lovely to hear your voice , hope you've got over your moment and enjoying the rest of the activities , have loads of fun . Love you loads mum dad and Laura xxxx
#38 Mary Weblin 2017-07-12 14:25
Hello everyone! What fantastic photos, great to see all those happy faces. Well done on conquering Snowdon (and glad the sarnies are so "awesome" Connor). Con, you will be thrilled to hear that I tidied your bedroom and found .... a carpet!! Pella, Grandad & Momo send their love and say "well done" on the hike. Love you loads, Mum, Dad & Rae xxxx
#39 paula sargent 2017-07-12 17:41
hi lana hope you are having a good time! Was great to hear from you from the top of snowden today! Miss you lots Mum, dad, Thane Logan & raven.
#40 Will Hollis 2017-07-12 17:56
Hi Aj hope your having a good time on your trip. I have seen a picture of you climbing it looks great fun.
#41 Abi 2017-07-12 18:12
Hi Teagan, hope you've had an amazing day climbing snowdon and hope you're feet are OK, can't wait to see some more photos. The weather looked fantastic today so a change from being wet river gorging yesterday! Hope you're getting some sleep. I have a day at home tomorrow so am going to tackle your bedroom wish me luck. All missing you so much, love you from Mum, Dad and Taiya xxx
#42 Izzy Holmes 2017-07-12 19:19
Hey Edster I hope you are having an amazing time up there!Down here is actually sunny and the year 6's just had their taster days in Bude.Apart from that school is; well school and home is VERY quiet.It has also just been confirmed Mum is awful at technology because she just deleted my previous attempt at sending this message. Lots of love from your favourite sister, Izzy xxx(ps:I still haven't found that other tennis ball(pss:sorry for the long message))
#43 Austin Galt 2017-07-12 19:45
Yo Evie, we hope you're having an amazing time in welsh Wales. Some of the photos look add though there is a lot of fun going on. We can't wait to hear all about it ob Friday.

Lots of love

Daddy, Rosie and the pets
#44 Izzy Holmes 2017-07-12 19:45
Hi Edster! Did your mountain legs manage to walk up Snowdon today? Maybe one day we could do Ben Nevis or Kili together! We're missing you loads & loads (Izzy has sent a separate message for you & Oscar & Chester send you muddy wooooooofs). Big hugs mom xxx
#45 Becki 2017-07-12 19:55
Hi Cammy

Hope you are having a great time – Looks like you are all having great fun. The climbing wall looked great – you probably managed to climb to the top but I don’t think that I would have been that brave! Miss you – Love Dad xx
#46 Becki 2017-07-12 19:55
Good morning Nathan, hope you slept well. Looking forward to seeing more pictures, looks like you're having a great time. We're all very jealous, did you make it to the top of the climbing wall? ? Have a lovely day. Love you lots, mum, dad & Ryan xxx
#47 Becki 2017-07-12 19:56
Hi Corbin. Looks like you are having a great time. Be carefully going up Snowden, ask sir if you can go up the Grib Goch route!! We are all missing you especially Bradley, but he is enjoying watching a lot of Nexo Knights!!?? love and hug, mum, dad and Brad xxx
#48 Becki 2017-07-12 19:56
Hi Jolie!! So great to see the photos with your big smile!! Whose trousers are you wearing!! Our house is so quiet. Enjoy the climb tomorrow!! Lots of love Mum,Dad,Amelie and Ted xxx
#49 Tracey Stevens 2017-07-12 20:07
Hi Cory, looks like your having a fantastic time. Great photo's, Luke wishes he was there. Well done for climbing Snowden, we are very proud. Lots of love Dad, Mum, Jasmine and Luke xx
#50 Becki 2017-07-12 20:25
Hi Cory. Looks like your having a lovely time. Great photo's, Luke wishes he was there! Well Done for climbing Snowdon today, we are very proud. Lots of love Dad, Mum, Jasmine and Luke xx
#51 Sally Jowett 2017-07-12 21:20
Hi Erin it was great to hear from you on the top of Snowdon, what a great achievement for everyone. Fantastic photos of all the activities looks like you are all having an amazing time. Looking forward to seeing more of tomorrow. Love Mum, Dad & Sam xx
#52 jo polhill 2017-07-12 22:12
Hi Tom, Looks like you're having a fab time, lovely to see your smiley face. Hope you made it up Snowden without too much moaning!! Missing you lots, see you soon, lots of love Mum, Dad and Eloise xx
#53 Alison Sargent 2017-07-13 00:08
Hi Lana looks like you and your friends are having some fantastic adventures there in Wales. We know that you must be loving all those activities. Mum said that you phoned her from the top of Snowdon. Enjoy the rest of your time this week. We will see you soon. Love from Nanny Ali and Grandad xxx
#54 Grandma & Gwyn 2017-07-13 07:24
Hi Saul looks like you are having an amazing time we have been thinking of you. G bought more Crunchie ice creams yesterday but I think they will be all gone before we see you! Have lots of fun stay safe xx
#55 Jo James 2017-07-13 08:59
Hi Megs
Looks like you are having a fab time. I do miss Bradworthy's trips away. Enjoy the rest of your adventures.
Love Auntie Jo, Beth, Molly & Ziggy xxx
#56 Louise Fry 2017-07-13 11:46
Hi Megs. Well done for making it to the top and what great weather. Photos of you all are lovely.I bet you enjoyed sking and I hope you enjoy kayaking as you've been looking forward to it for so long then is it Minions? What a day!! All your favourites in one day!! Have a fab time. Lots of love Mum, Dad Chloe and Miffy xxx
#57 Abi 2017-07-13 16:22
Hi Teagles, I think that you've been kayaking today, am sure you have had an awesome time! Loved the picture of you and your friends on Snowdon yesterday, what an achievement, I'm so proud of you sweetheart!!! Have an amazing time tomorrow, be brave try all the rides! See you tomorrow night poppet, all our love and hugs Mum, Dad and Doozy xxx
#58 Austin Galt 2017-07-13 16:54
Evie "the eagle" Chandler-Galt, check you out on your skis. You're a braver person than me giving that a go, still, looks awesome fun. We can't wait to see you tomorrow to hear about all the exciting edventures you have had, that's if you're not to tired.
See you tomorrow

Daddy, Rosie and the animals.
#59 emma 2017-07-13 16:54
Hi Miley!! Photos look amazing and it looks as though you will have lots of things to tell us about. We are all missing you lots (especially Nutjob!. Enjoy Alton Towers... Love Mum xxxx
#60 Sarah Gilhespy 2017-07-13 16:59
Hi Oscar, can't wait to see you tomorrow night! Enjoy your last day, I won't let Zoe wind you up if you don't go on all the really scary rides! Love Mum, Robbie and Zoe xxx
#61 jo polhill 2017-07-13 17:03
Hi Tom, Loving the pictures, looks like you've been very busy having fun. We've got a surprise for you when you get home and no it's not more Pokemon cards!! Missing you loads, can't wait to have you home. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Tom xx
#62 Louise Fry 2017-07-13 17:28
From Abi Newman
Hi Teagles, I think that you've been kayaking today, am sure you have had an awesome time! Loved the picture of you and your friends on Snowdon yesterday, what an achievement, I'm so proud of you sweetheart!!! Have an amazing time tomorrow, be brave try all the rides! See you tomorrow night poppet, all our love and hugs Mum, Dad and Doozy xxx
#63 Jo Holmes 2017-07-13 17:40
Hi Ed, bet you've had another great day doing another fab activity with your friends! I've just watered the veg patch & I have to say your row of sweet corn is looking fantastic - well done! Enjoy A/T tomorrow! I'm looking forward to a hug when you return from your adventures, love mom xxx
#64 Melanie & Phil 2017-07-13 18:30
Hey Fin,
It looks like you are all having a Fantastic time. We really hope you are having the best time with your friends. Have an epic day at Alton towers and we will see you tomorrow night.. all ready for a brilliant weekend at Elliot's wedding... so excited to hear your stories. Love you lots mum, dad , fabs and all the furbies
#65 lynsey 2017-07-13 18:44
hello Chels and everyone, hope you've all had a fantastic time in wales and made some awesome memories ,hope you all have a good sleep tonight already to ride some awesome rides tomorrow, sleep well an safe travels .chels were all looking forward to seeing you an hearing all about your adventures, sleep well love Mum, Dad, Laura & Mother xxxx
#66 Becki 2017-07-13 19:02
Hi Cameron, Loving the look of your trip - great activities, great pics and great fun! We look forward to hearing all about it!
Lots of love from Aunty Joe, Uncle James, William & Toby x
#67 Joanne Barraclough 2017-07-13 19:36
Hi Saul - hope you're having a lovely time! you seem to be avoiding the camera very well :) I'm at Geneva airport just now on my way home after lots of long and boring meetings, flight delayed. Have a brilliant time at Alton Towers tomorrow (jealous!!). Can't wait to see you tomorrow night - try and get some sleep on the bus; Cornish Nippers Champs this weekend - early start Saturday!! See you tomorrow love Mum X
#68 Olly Holmes 2017-07-13 19:48
Hey Ed! It looks like you're having a great time, I wish I could've gone along with you!! It's getting too quiet here and everyone misses you. Love, Olly
#69 Chris and Andy 2017-07-13 20:53
Hi Sam
Have a great time at Alton Towers! Can't wait to see you tomorrow, Love you Mum Dad and Josh xxx
#70 Becki 2017-07-14 07:50
Hey Brooke.....So so proud of you for hiking Mount Snowdon! Hope you enjoyed kayaking and managed to stay awake for the film! Have an exciting day at Alton Towers brave! We can't wait to see you! Lots of love x
#71 Louise Fry 2017-07-15 08:04
Thanks so much to everyone involved in taking the children and organising the trip. Meg has had a fantastic time and made memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks so much. The Fry family xxx
#72 Emma 2017-07-15 10:26
Thank you to all the teachers that helped with the trip Miley loved it and was very pleased she went. I am very jealous having heard all the amazing things she experienced :-)
#73 lynsey 2017-07-15 11:42
A MASSIVE BIG THANKYOU , all of Chelsea's Adventures sound amazing ,she's had an awesome time, tired but extremely proud of herself ,even more so for not being sick on the bus :-} .so we would like to say a Thank you to sir, Mrs Carey, Caroline, Lisa & David for all your help and taking everyone to wales, also thank you to Pete Kat & Jerry for all there help advice encouragement and organisation of the activities and a thank you to everyone else at the youth hostel, Thank You The Wades xx
#74 Mary Weblin 2017-07-15 15:56
OMG The residential was awesome!!!!! thanks, Connor
#75 Mary Weblin 2017-07-15 15:59
A huge thank you to all the adults involved with the residential trip. Connor had a totally fantastic time!! Cant believe how many activities you all packed in. Thank you so much - Mary & Barry xx

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