Class 1

Class One 2017 - 2018

This term Year One have been very busy in their Wild Tribe sessions at Julian's Farm.  They have developed their skills in using maps,

understanding compass points, following directions, making journey cards and knot tying.  Everyone has had lots of fun during these

sessions, and we would like to thank everyone at Julians Farm for helping us to deliver these activities for the chidlren to enjoy.





Class One have been very busy over the last term, and have been enjoying studying a ‘Winter’ theme.  As you can see, our recent bout of cold weather has meant that the children had the chance to find the signs of winter, and explore the effects of the cold weather for themselves.   The snowfall was an added bonus, and as it was the first experience of snow for many of the children, lead to a very exciting breaktime!!


Our topic this half term has been Autumn, and as you can see from the photos, the children have been very busy being 'Autumn detectives' and finding signs of Autumn around the school.



2016 - 2017

Class One recently enjoyed exploring the village as part of our Geography work.  We looked for different types of buildings and geographical features.  We had lots of fun finding out all about the village we live in!

At the end of the Spring Term we had lots of fun investigating how shadows change through the day, and cooking Green Eggs and Ham!  There were some very brave testers!!

We had a Games morning in Maths this week. Apart from practicing the obvious maths skills we were also learning how to work together and take turns.

We did really well!

Class One have been working very hard lately, as you can see from the pictures below.  We have been 'making' fossils for our topic on explorers, where we have studied the life of Mary Anning. Also as you can see we have been busy making pancakes, and some yummy banana cakes.  Kim is now officially the 'best cooker' in the world! We have also had lots of fun exploring the steel drums in school, creating our own musical patterns and learning to play a short piece. 

Class One have been very busy through the Autumn Term, as the pictures below show.  We have had a great visit to Julians farm to explore the habitats on the farm, and more recently we have been busy learning how to program Bee Bot Robots so that they can get through a maze!

2014 - 2015

Class One have recently been working on a village building topic in class which has linked into our science topic of materials. The children have been using the materials that have been available to them in the classroom to be creative and build their own village. The children could make whatever they wanted to put in the village and we have ended up with houses, roads, garages, planes, helicopters, garden swimming pools and a railway line. A great whole class effort.

c1 village 1 c1 village 2

c1 wood trip 1

Class one have been doing Superheroes as their topic in the spring term. We have made a literacy link with this and been doing the story of Turbo Tortoise who is a superhero tortoise that protects the garden. Class one have been writing their own turbo tortoise stories and to help spark some inspiration for some creative writing the children went for a trip to Holsworthy Woods where we walked around and tried to see what other woodland animals we could use for our stories to be goodies and baddies.

c1 wood trip 2 c1 wood trip 3

Class One
In February 2012 we opened a seventh class and this means that
for the first time ever our youngest children are being taught in
single age, and very small, classes.
Class one is the class where Year One children are taught.

Friday 25th May

The children have been working in pairs to create a brand new undiscovered minibeast. They had to adapt it to it's habitat.
The children have also been making 2D shape pictures.
Friday 4th May 2012

On-screen painting using bright colours and bold lines. This was inspired by a pattern that Erika was doing in class one day!

We searched in the school grounds for signs of Spring on a rare dry day.

Class 1 went on a bug hunt and found...not many! Maybe we need a few more warm sunny days for the bugs to come out.