Class 4

Class Four 2017 - 2018

Year Four have finished their World War Two topic by hosting a ‘Museum’ for children and parents to enjoy.  Each child in Year Four designed and hosted a ‘stall’ full of historical facts, interesting artefacts and games, and everyone was very impressed with their subject knowledge and their hosting skills!  There was lots for everyone to see and do, and all of the children, teachers and parents enjoyed visiting the museum and learning some fascinating facts about the Second World War.  We would all like to thank Year Four for all of their hard work!






Class Four 2016 - 2017

Easter 2017:

The children in Class Four have been working hard to make a museum about World War One and World War Two. They have been working in pairs to research a specific area of the war and then present their research in the form of a museum. They also brought in items from home that their families have kept which relate to the wars. On Thursday the 30th March we set up our museum in the school hall and invited families, friends and the rest of the children in the school to come an have a look at our museum. It was a great success and everyone had a brilliant afternoon. Well done to all the children in Class Four who worked very hard to make some amazing museum stalls.

February 2017

Class 4 have been learning about World War 1 this half term and have been reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo to help with this topic. The children have been enjoying a lot of related art work. They have especially enjoyed making some silhouettes of 'Trooper Warren' and 'Joey' the horse.

This is the last day of our electricity topic in Year Four.  We have been learning about circuits and today we put all of our learning to good use as we made our own buzzer game.

We did really well and succeeded in making a lot of noise!!

December 2016

Class Four have had a very busy start to their year, getting stuck into their topics and also in lots of whole school activities.   Recently they have enjoyed taking part in Orienteering Challenges at Bere Mill, an activity which forms part of our extensive outdoor education programme.


Year Four - 2015 / 2016

class 4 julians 1
class 4 julians 2 class 4 julians 3

We had a great morning investigating a section of the River Torridge at Julian's Farm.

Everyone thought it was great when Mr "bear grills" Lapham climbed a tree to get to the opposite river bank to enable him to measure the width of the river.

class 4 julians 4 class 4 julians 5

Year 4 2014 - 15

easter egg hunt 2015 4

This is us singing our Boudicca song at the Easter Assembly which took place in our school hall att he end of term.

The whole school, and lots of parents, watched us perform.

It was a great way to finish our museum project.

class 4 museum 2015 2
class 4 museum 2015 3 class 4 museum 2015 4

These photographs were taken at the wonderful museum that we set up at the end of the Spring Term.

We've been working really hard for weeks and it was brilliant that we were visited by the children from all of the other classes and lots of parents who came in too.

We had sections full of artefacts about the Romans, the Tudors, the Ancient Egyptians, Dinosaurs and the Stone Age - we even had a real mammoth tooth.
There was also a World War section which had things like gas masks, letters and medals from people in our families who fought in these wars.
Everyone said how knowledgeable we were and how interesting our exhibitions were.

We think that we learnt a lot, worked really well together in teams and had a really fun time.

class 4 museum 2015 5 class 4 museum 2015 6
class 4 museum 2015 1

class 4 dance 1

We've been working on a World War One dance project in school for the last few weeks and everybody has been having a really good time developing and performing their work.

We performed our dance publicly for the first time in assembly just before Easter and it was great that loads of parents were able to come in to join us.

You can get an idea about what we've been up to by looking at this video clip.

Our big performance will be at the Bradworthy Arts Festival which will be taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend at the start of May.

class 4 dance 2


c4 shapes 4 c4 shapes 1
In Class 4 we have been learning about he properties of different shapes.
To see how much we had remembered we went om a shape trail and had to answer different questions and collect letters to spell a shape related word.
We were also given different measurements to draw different triangles and we were brilliant at this.
c4 shapes 2 c4 shapes 3


Our Year Four children are studying habitat this term which obviously means lots of trips out to see lots of different habitats.
These photos were taken at Arlington Court but they've also been to Rosemoor Garden's and Northam Burrows in the last couple of weeks.
It's a great way to learn about the natural World.


Bikeability is all about learning to use our bikes properly so that we are safe on the roads when we're out and about !

Our instructor Ian has been coming in to school for many years to run a Level Two Course for our Year Six children.

For the first time ever we've also been able to run a Level One Course for our Year Four children this Autumn Term. This is a great step forward and something that we hope will be repeated every year from now on.

A trip to Northam Burrows


Year 4 2013-14



Chinese New Year 2014

On Wednesday 29th January, Class 4 were set a challenge to make Chinese dragons. We were doing it to celebrate Chinese New Year and to scare away evil spirits just like the Chinese. We were given a box, a sheet, a lot of news paper and masking tape. Everybody had 3 days to construct a dragon and choreograph a dance.
First, we started with the head and made shapes with some scrunched up newspaper. We worked in groups and stuck it on with lots of masking tape. We both thought it wasn't looking very good at that point.
After that, we mixed water with glue before plonking the newspaper into the glue and stuck the gloopy news paper onto the head. We loved doing the paper mache but we ended up getting very messy.
Next, we drew the Chinese Zodiac on the sheet and painted them red and orange. The Chinese Zodiac follows a twelve year cycle. Marlo from class 4 commented " I enjoyed drawing and painting the animals the most."
Whist we were doing that, others painted the head. There were green, red, yellow and orange paint.
Soon, we went down to the Memorial Hall. Everybody had a musical instrument to playand we made an orchestra to dance to. We both thought it was brilliant but it was very loud as well.
Soon after, we started making up routines. There had to be little movement as we did not have very much space.
Finally, after three whole days of hard work, we were ready to perform. We brought our own coloured trousers for the dragon costume and sorted ourselves into groups.
It was great fun performing the dragon dance!!
We were all amazed at how the dragon turned out and we just about managed to finish it in time for the performance. We were immensely proud of ourselves and the class!
By Charlotte and Eliza



The Evacuees

As part of our Creative writing, Class 4 were then transported back in time and given the hands on experience of becoming evacuees. This involved being allocated a number and a new destination then put onto a crowded bus ready to be transported. The experience helped to give the children a better understanding of the emotions that the children would have felt at the time




Red Nose Day

Class 4 had a great time raising money on Red Nose day, as well as the whacky dance off, we also really enjoyed the spontaneous Conga that started in our class and spread across the entire school.

Our Class Museum

Our topic this term was treasure, in particular we were learning about the importance of using historical artefacts to learn from the past. Many children in class brought in interesting artefacts, including gas masks and telephones from World War 2 and photos and even a bayonette from World War 1.

This inspired us to plan and create our own class museum. We went one step further by investigating the Burton Art Gallery and Museum and the Bude Heritage centre.

The Museum had a variety of displays and interactive activities, including a live experience Anderson Shelter and an opportunity to discover what the Tudors, Vikings and Romans ate by investigating their poo!.

The Chinese New Year

Class 4 had a great time during our Chinese New Year Cultural day. We discovered the ancient art of Chinese writing and made lanterns. We also enjoyed the chance to perform our very own Chinese dance.


Burton Art Gallery

Class 4 went on a visit to the Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford. This was part of our Treasure Topic. Here are some of the things the class wrote about our visit.

At the top of the art gallery there was a small museum about Bideford. I hoped the pictures would be very good and the museum would be very interesting.


First we were split into groups. I was in group three. We got to go into the pottery room with Mr Sentance. I saw lots of broken up bits of pottery and we tried to figure out what they were used for.


Next Mr Lewis took us to a museum which was upstairs. Then Mr Lewis told us to make a timeline with an order of dates in the museum.


I took some pictures of paintings and models. There was a model of a ship made out of sheep bones.


At Lunch I had tuna sandwiches. They were tasty I enjoyed them.


Afterwards we went downstairs to look at the art gallery, The creations were amazing. Mr Lewis let us go around and have a look. Lauren and I found a model flower that we really liked but after a while me and Lauren had to draw a picture of a flower. It was really fun.


Mr Lewis got us into pairs and pick your favourite picture. My favourite picture was a horse made out of bin bags.


Finally we had to go back to school on the bus. I felt sad because I had such a great time on the trip.



Class 4 have been learning about the Easter story and have been looking at the art work of Leonardo DaVinci, in particular the Mural of "The Last Supper". We then made our own version and wrote our very own mini Easter story books.



Rosemoor Gardens

We have been learning about Habitats in class, so Rosemoor was the perfect place to visit to get a closer look at a variety of different habitats and the wildlife within them. We spent a great day pond dipping and then delving deep into the woodland where we found a variety of anmazing mini beasts.

As part of our Literacy, we have been developing our fantasy character descriptions, what better way to do this than to get into character


Letting off steam !

The Halloween disco was the perfect place for everyone to let off steam after a fantastic start to the year. The children have all worked very hard this half term. Well done everyone.

Ow! That looks painful!

Very scary !

"When shall we three meet again?"

Afraid? You should be!


Data Handling

Mr Lewis set the class the challenge of recording and presenting data during our maths lessons. The groups used the holding grips on the climbing wall and the cars in the car park as their focus areas.

October 4th

Class 4 were lucky enough to work with Richard Wolfenden-Brown, the Director of the Plough in Torrington.  He ran an excellent drama session based on a poem he had found for National Poetry day.

The children were brilliant and really enjoyed the session, especially the role play.



Year 4 have had a good start to the term. We kicked off with a couple of team building days which included plenty of group and partner work.  We were particularly good at orienteering, this involved using good communication skills, working together and plenty of running!













Bridge Mill
Year 4 have been out pond dipping at the Bridge Mill. Our hosts Rosie and Alan were extremely knowledgeable about Mini beasts and their habitats. 
We found frogs, toads, dragonflies and a whole range of other mini beasts. 
We all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and came back to school ready to research
and write about our findings.

Class 4 - Spring 2012

Friday 25th May

Classes 3 and 4 have been acting out their sketches for the book that they have been studying - Kasper Prince of Cats by Micheal Morpergo


Friday 4th May

This week we've been out in the school garden looking for wildlife and also checking out the things we're growing.

We've also been using the interent for research so that we can produce work about Britain since Elizabeth becam our Queen.

Classes 3 and 4 have been working hard on developing an information / non-fiction book of their own choice, including how to add an interesting introduction, producing a useful contents page, glossary and index.

We have had lots of fun researching facts on our own chosen subjects, from dogs, Egypt, waves, football to the RNLI.

We brought in books from home, raided the school library and searched on-line.

Next Term we will be sharing our books with Years 5 and 6.

If you want to find out more about carding a wave, how long ago Veloceraptors lived or fascinating facts about life in the oceans, ask us in Classes 3 and 4.

Year 4 have been very busy investigating construction by inventing kinetic models using Kinex !