School Attendance

Key Stage 1

Morning Session 9.00am - 12.15pm
Afternoon Session 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Key Stage 2

Morning Session 9.00am - 12.30pm
Afternoon Session 1.30pm - 3.30pm

In addition to this we also run a free child care service.
Children can be dropped off in school from 8.00am each morning and picked up as late as 5.30pm.

An assembly takes place between 1.15pm and 1.30pm each day.

Morning break takes place between 10.30am and 11.00am.

On arriving at school the children should wait in the playground with their coats and belongings, unless it is raining or cold in which case they should come straight into their classrooms where they should settle down with a quiet activity.

The bell will be rung, to signal the children to line up, at 8.55am each morning and 1.25pm each afternoon. This is so that each session can begin promptly but we would like to point out that children who are not in line at these times are not late for school.

In response to a shortage of local child care the school has operated a drop in service for children since November 2007. Parents are free to drop their children off in school from 8.00am each morning. Any children arriving in school before 8.40am must come in to school and register with a member of school staff. The school is not currently making any charge for this service.
This has now been extended to operate after school. Children can remain in school until 5.30pm each evening. A list of the children who are staying late is compiled each day. Parents are requested to ensure that their children are signed out when they collect them.

We request that parents leave their children on the playground in the mornings and not come with them into school. It is an important part of a child’s development that they start to become independent and we feel that coming into the school building by themselves is an important first step.

The class teachers are busy preparing for the day before 8.55am but if you do need to talk to them we are happy for you to come in and do so. They are also usually available right at the end of the day if you need to speak to them at any length.
We believe that good communication between the school and parents is very important and parents are encouraged to speak to their children’s teachers whenever they need to. Problems can usually be dealt very easily if we know about them straight away.

We are most grateful to all parents who ensure that their children arrive at school on time, properly dressed in school uniform and ready to learn.

It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school of the reason for a child’s absence as soon as they possibly can. Wherever possible this should be done via a written note, however telephoning the school office or telling the class teacher verbally are acceptable alternatives.

If you are planning to take your child out of school during the day please make sure you inform their class teacher in advance via a written note, telling them verbally or by ringing the school office.

Children may be granted authorised leave of absence, for annual family holidays, for up to 14 days during any one school year. It should be pointed out that this is not a right and requests should be made to the Headteacher on an official form which is available from the school office.