About Leadership and Governance

The Leadership and Governance Section of our web-site is all about the way in which we go about the organisation of the management of ourschool so that we can drive improvement and achieve our ambition to become the most effective school that we can be.

It is about the way that we deploy staff and share responsibilities so that we can identify things that need to develop so that we can strengthen things which are strong and improving things which may be weak.

Our governing body plays an important part in the development of our school through their support and the challenges which they place upon us to achieve

This section is also about the way that we communicate with and take into account the views of our pupils and their parents so that, where appropriate and possible, their views can form a part of our work in school.

Part of our work in school involves working in partnership and this part of our web-site is also concerned with the way in which we manage this to everyone’s best advantage.

Finally we are also concerned here with the value for money we feel that we give.

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