Year Four Residential to Penzance

Penzance 2011

Day Three: Cornwall Crealy

We spent the last day of our residential at Cornwall Crealy, having lots of fun!! Luckily there were lots of indoor play areas, but when the rain stopped we managed to get an hour outside on the rides (and get very wet on the log flume!!).   We spent the day running and sliding and climbing, so the journey back to school was a surprisingly good one!

The children have been wonderful this week - their behaviour and attitude have made them stand out, and everyone we met has commented on how lovely they are and how smart they looked.  They are all stars, and we are all very very proud of them!!

Anna who ate Mr Moulton's cheesecake!       Enjoying a BIG breakfat!!!!

Enjoying an ice cream at the end of the day!!

One last group photo.......

Day Three Update:

We have all slept brilliantly - most of us needed waking this morning!  We have eaten an enormous breakfast and now we are just about to leave the hostel.

See you all at 6pm at school - if we will be much later we will ring!!

Day Two:

It's half past eleven and everyone is tucked up in bed.  There are several very sleepy faces so I think it will be a quiet night (fingers crossed!).

We started the day at the National Maritime Museum and had a wonderful time building boats and racing them!  The staff helped us to build successful boats this year, so we say a big thank you to Stuart, Debbie, Mike, and of course Peggy!  Casper and Brendan were victorious with a boat which flew across the pond!  Peter gave us the quote of the day "I am adding a cork to the bottom of the boat to make it more flamboyant!!".  This entertained the staff enormously!

After lunch we headed to St. Michael's Mount and explored the castle at the top of the island.  We enjoyed the ferry ride back (most of us did!!), and then headed back for tea!

Thank you to everyone who did sunshine dances and kept their fingers crossed - the weather has been great & we survived the Minack with only a few drops of rain at one point!The show was fantastic and the children have been singing the songs all the way back to the hostel.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for our postcards home!!

See you tomorrow!

This is our 'group shot' with St. Michael's Mount in the background.

Our sailing queens!!!                              Building our scrapheap boats

The Grand Final!                                               Champions!

Natty discovering the Giant's Heart!    Mr Moulton & Luke enjoying the ferry ride!

Our dry evening at the theatre!!  Hooray for the weather!

Day Two Update...

We've all had a brilliant day, with boat races, ferry rides and a castle to explore!  Photos to come later. 

We've started to add some postcards to the bottom of the page - they aren't all there yet as we have to go to the Minack now.  Miss Daniel will get the rest up later.


Day Two Update...

It's 8 o'clock and we are all up and raring to go!!  Everyone slept well, and most of us (girls at least!!) have had a shower!  We've found the games & had lots of fun - now we're off to breakfast!!


Day One Update...

We've had a very busy, but fantastic day & evening.  It's quarter past eleven and everyone is asleep (for now!!).  The Eden Project was lots of fun, and now we are all qualified Rainforest Rangers!

Everyone enjoyed dinner (especially Mr Moulton who had seconds & thirds!!) and then we were straight off to the cinema to see Kung Fu Panda 2.

Everyone is in very high spirits - even Mr Furber!!  (and Caroline is busy plotting her revenge after he left her behind this morning!!).

We're not too sure about the posers at the front!!!
Look what we found!! Eden is full of places to hide!

We thought Josh looked lovely in this sculpture.... But even better this way up!!
We were acting out crawling through rainforest mud.....these two seem far too happy (and clean!!) Having a well earned rest in the Orange Grove.

Postcards Home...

Hi Mummy and Dad.  Hows Stephen? Am having a lovely

time!!  See you soon.

Peter xxx

Hello Mum,  Having a wonderful time.  I've missed you a bit!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow.  I loved the castle at St. Michael's Mount.

Love Rachel xx

Hello Everyone! I'm having a lovely time.  The Eden Project was wonderful!  See you tomorrow.

Love Immy xx (Oddsocks)

Hello everyone.  I'm really enjoying myself & I miss you all a bit! (But not Ben!!) I had lots of fun building boats and we came third in our race!

Lots of love

Anna xxx

PS - the food is lovely - I even stole Mr Moultons cheesecake!!

Hello! Having a great time.  Miss you all. Had a brilliant time at St Michaels mount - you should have seen how high it was!

Looking forward to the Minack.

Love Marie xxx

Hello Everyone.  Having a great time, hope to see you soon.  My favourite part so far was the cinema!  Can't wait for The Minack.

Lots of love David


Hi Mum and Dad and Tom,

I've really had a good time so far.  I miss you lots.  Ihad a really good time at the Maritime Museum.

See you tomorrow.

Love Maddy  xxx

Hi Mum,

I'm having a really good time.  I really enjoyed the Maritime Museum and the Eden Project.

Love Rachel

Hi Mum and Dad.  Having a nice time and lots of fun.  Missing you.  I loved building the boats earlier - but ours sank!!!!

See you tomorrow.

Love Ellie xxx

Hi Mum and Abigail.  I have had fun at the Minack Theatre, the show was Fantastic Mr Fox and it was great.

Hope you are having lots of fun at home!

Lots of Love, Jasmine xxx

PS - can you tell it was windy when we took the picture?!

Hi Everyone!

I've got sore feet from St Michael's Mount!! I'm having a WONDERFUL time and my favourite part was the Minack Theatre - apart from being cold!!

Lots of love,

Cara xxx

Hi Mum,

Am having a good residential.  I like going to St Michaels Mount.  I cant wait to see you soon.

Lots of love,

Anya xx

Hi Mum,

Am having a good time on my residential, and I found St Michaels Mount a load of fun.  Fantastic Mr Fox was good - the cider song is really catchy!!

Love from

Tom x


I found the Giants heart at St Michaels Mount!

Love you.

From Natty


Hi Mum,

I'm looking forward to Crealy, and I liked playing with the remote control boats at the Maritime Museum.

Love from Finn


Hi Mum,

I'm really looking forward to going to Crealy tomorrow.  I felt a bit sick on the Ferry today but I was ok when we got there.

The food is great!

Lots of love,

Olly xx

Hi Mum,

I really enjoyed the Eden Project & the food at the youth hostel is great.  I've been reading the map and giving Mr Moulton directions for where to go.  We havent got lost yet!!

Love from,



Hi Mum and Dad.

I am having a great time.  I really liked the cinema.

I love you and miss you!

I am looking forward to Crealy.

Lots of love from



Hi Mum, Dad and Brad

I've had a great time and my favourite thing has been the cinema.

I cant wait to see you!  I'm looking forward to going on the rides at Crealy!

See you tomorrow.

Love Luke


Hi Mum and Dad,

I've got the double bed!!!

I really enjoyed the cinema.  Today I won the boat race with Brendan - we are going to get a special ice cream tomorrow!

I can't wait until we are going to Crealy.

Lots of love,



Hi Mum and Dad,

I'm having a great time!  I got the top bunk (again!!).  I really liked the cinema and the Maritime Museum and on Thursday night we saw Fantastic Mr Fox and the weather was suprisingly good!

See you soon,



Hi Mum, Dad and my brothers!

I've had a great time at the Maritime Museum.  Tonight we went to the Minack Theatre  - it was brilliant!

Looking forward to going to Crealy.

Love from



Dear Mum and Dad,

I've enjoyed everything.  The youth hostel is massive!

I built a boat today but it sank!!

See you soon,

Love from Jake


Hi Mum and Dad,

I'm having a great time at the Youth Hostel.   I really enjoyed the Minack Theatre.

I'm really looking forward to Crealy.

See you soon,

Love from Euan



#1 pete&shirley 2011-06-15 20:49
hope you all had a wonderful first day we liked the benny hill part of mike leaving caroline at school & watching her chase after the bus pity i did not have my video camara have a great time love to rossxxxx
#2 Jean Walter 2011-06-16 05:41
Great Pictures! Lovely to see that you are all having a great time- we're missing you Anna (Ben included!) It was so quite at home last night without you! Have a great time today xxx
#3 Leanne 2011-06-16 07:18
I hope Mr Moulton is leaving some food for the children!!! Have a fab day x
#4 Alex 2011-06-16 07:52
Lovely pictures,hope you are all enjoying yourselves.
keep smiling and see you soon. Love to peter xxx
#5 Nicky Martin 2011-06-16 12:13
fantastic photos glad to see everyone having a great time, didnt realise mike tried to loose caroline before the trip, he could have taken libbie after all
#6 jenny hill 2011-06-16 12:47
Fab to see the pics. Hope Eddie is not talking about Pokeman/Primeval too much. Have a brilliant day can't wait see more pics
#7 Maddie & Alicia Old 2011-06-16 18:13
Thankyou for the lovely photos.Great to see all the happy faces.We are taking good care of the pets Immy.Have loads of fun.Please dont leave Caroline at Crealy!!
#8 Michelle 2011-06-16 18:45
Great to see all the pics. You all look like you are having a wonderful time. Missing you loads Cara, although Ellie is enjoying being an 'only child'!! Enjoy Crealy and we'll see you tomorrow x x
#9 Maxine Martin 2011-06-16 19:41
Brilliant pictures of you all enjoying your trip can't wait to see the rest.Libbie is sorting a plan to get on the bus next year!!!!!C you all tomorrow.Big kiss to Ellie (the cat is still living)xxxx
#10 Lucie 2011-06-16 21:15
Thank you for the lovely photos.Hope you enjoyed St.Micheals Mount.Tell Mr Furber not to forget to bring you all home as i expect you will be too tired to run after the bus all the way to Bradworthy!
Love to Finn,its very quiet without you.xx
#11 tammy inkpen 2011-06-16 22:03
Glad you are all having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Olly, we have all missed you xxx
#12 Vicki Barnes 2011-06-17 08:25
Hello Luke and everyone, thank you for the postcard - how lovely, we can't wait for you to get home!! Brad really misses you and we are fed up with him saying 'i've got no-one to play with'!! Have a lovely day at crealy, hope the rain holds off. see you later xx
#13 Lisa Prance 2011-06-17 12:38
Hi Jaz. Can't wait to see you later and hear all about your trip. The house is very quiet without you!! Hope you have a great time at Crealy. See you soon. xxx P.S. Nice hair;)
#14 Georgia Maynard 2011-06-18 07:29
Hey everybody,
Sound like a brilliant time there!!! Can't wait to see you Rachel, it just hasn't been the same!!!!
(Although it has been a lot more relaxing here!!! No shouting all the time, no fighting etc.!!)
Tuckers Park has been a lot quieter.
Miss you to Rachel H and Jasmine!!!
School hasn't been the same either! Playing Doctor Who was the worst!! I played it with Emily R, Frankie, Travis and of course Jasmin W!!!!
Have a lovely time at Crealy!! Hope you don't get to wet!!
Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxx
#15 Rachel Maynard 2011-06-18 08:54
Hi everyone we did have a wonderful time thank you to all the teachers who came especially Miss Daniels!!!!!!!
#16 shannon richards 2011-06-21 14:54
hope they are having as much fun as we did
did any hats blow off at st. michaels mount
see you back at school

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