Breakfast Drop In

In response to local needs we offer a breakfast drop in service so that our parents can drop their children off each morning before they travel to work.

Children can be dropped off as early as 8.00am and are free to use the computer suite, the pool table, games consoles and table tennis table which are in the hall or their classrooms to work or read in.

All children must sign in on arrival.

The service is completely free.

This consultation is now closed however please feel free to contact us in school if you have any views or observations.

Childcare Consultation – Summer 2011

There are regularly between ten and fifteen children in school by 8.30am each day and the fact that there is obviously a need for this service has started us thinking about the possibility of offering something similar after school.

If we were to offer something it would compliment, not replace, the clubs that we already offer so the children would be able to attend their clubs and then be supervised in school until they are collected.

The service would be low key in nature with the children able to use the computers, pool table, table tennis tables and games machines, or alternatively to do things like read or work on homework. When the weather is good there would be no reason why they couldn’t be outside on the playground.

The service would be offered either completely free or at the very least for a nominal charge.

The reason that I’m writing is to find out what you think about this idea and whether or not it might be something that you would use sometimes.

You can help us a lot by taking the time to answer these questions.
Thank you for your help.

1. How many children do you have?

2. How often do you think you might use an afterschool service?
(eg. every day, weekly, occasionally, never)

3. Our first thought is to run the service until 5pm, or maybe 5.30pm, each night.
What do you think about this?

4.  We are not thinking of offering any food to the children because if we did we would definitely   
     have to make a charge for the service. There would be nothing to stop the children bringing a
     snack and a drink with them from home.
     What do you think about this?

5.  We would prefer to offer a free service but if there was a small charge in would be something  
in the region of a couple of pounds each night.
What do you think about the whole issue of charging and the amount that might be charged?

 6.  As I said at the top of this letter we are intending to offer this service in an informal way
along the lines of the breakfast service and to compliment the clubs that we already offer.
until 4.30pm. If we were to offer more  structured activities we would have to appoint staff
to organise them and this would mean additional charges.
What do you think about this?

7.  Please feel free to make any additional comments that you may have.


#1 Carole Dunn 2011-05-12 12:23
Answers to questionnaire
1. One
2. Occasionally
3. Brilliant
4. No problem with this
5. Very reasonable
6. Prefer not to have more structured activities.
7. I think that I am very lucky to have suck a fanastic school for Adam.
#2 tammy inkpen 2011-05-12 16:02
1. One

2. daily

3. I think, 5.30pm would be better than 5.00pm, offering more help to parents, however a lot of working days do end at 5.30, which would then give no time to colelct them, so think 6pm would be ideal.

4. Its a good idea for them to be able to drink a snack and drink.

5. I think that charged a few pound each night would be totally acceptable.

6. If you offered more services, then again I think it would be acceptable to charge, would say upto £5 per night, and as the school is obviousily OFSTEAD registered most parents would be able to claim the cost back as part of their working family tax credits.
#3 Gill Lark 2011-05-18 11:25
1. Two
2. Occasionally
3. 5 o'clock would be fine for my current occasional needs
4. I don't think the school should provide food. Home snacks would be fine
5. A small charge would be reasonable.Childcare would have to be paid for elsewhere.
6. The school provides lots of structured activities and if children are in school beyond 4.30 some more conventional playtime, similar to home activities would be fine. However, if the school offered structured activities I can see that my children may well want to attend one evening per week.
#4 michelle burness 2011-05-23 11:30
1. two

2. A couple of times a week

3. I think that is a good time to run to either 5 or 5.30 would help me out.

4.I think that is fine about offering no food as i would just put a bit extra in the lunch box

5.I think charging a little is fine as long as it is a reasonable amount i would not mind paying if i needed to use the service

6. I think offering this as informal is good but if u did bring in more structured activities i would be willing to pay a little more occasionally

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